Tamanaah accepts Tamil is tough


Tamannah’s stint in Hari’s Vengai(starring Dhanush) has surely been an unforgettable experience for the innocent face of Kollywood.We recently spoke to her and this is what she told us, here is an excerpt from the interview,read on to know more .

Hi Tammanaah, it is a lovely day isn’t it? To start off let’s talk about Vengai and your experience.

Thanks, working with Hari Sir was a pleasure to be honest .He is so organized and his schedules were planned so well in advance no glitches whatsoever. Really the attitude setup an ideal environment for an artist to express at ease. Although we are nearing completion and there is just one song to shoot, I feel as fresh as I felt on the first day.

Wow,so shooting in God’s own country must be fun isn’t it?

I have been to Ooty and Manali which have been beautiful locations, this is my maiden trip to Munnar, it has lovely landscapes, It has been just like an exotic retreat I would love to come back again hopefully soon.

It sure is a lovely place.This time it will be a movie in a rural setup, keeping the fact in mind that you have been favoring glamorous roles for a while, how does it feel doing such a movie?

It is a fresh feeling .I was tired of glamorous roles after some time. Vengai will surely be a refreshing change. I will appear without make up in this flick.

Moving on, let us talk about dubbing for the Telugu film, 100 Per Cent Love, how was that, you got everyone by surprise?

Oh well, I don’t know why that became such a headline, it was just an attempt to dub; I still don’t know if my voice will be given a thumbs up.

It surely will with a lovely voice like that. Your Tamil is pretty good, why won’t you dub for Tamil?

Telugu is similar to Hindi in a way there is an extensive use of Sanskrit words.I am just keeping my fingers crossed and expecting what Kandein Kadhalai did for me in Tamil, hopefully 100 Per Cent Love will do in Telugu. As for the dubbing in Tamil I have a tough time getting the slang right to be honest.

So any updates before we conclude Tamannah?

3 Telugu films in the making .Right now my commitments in Telugu are keeping me busy here, I will be back to Kollywood soon guys, have a great day.Thank you for having me.

Our pleasure Tamanaah.

Best wishes for you upcoming projects, and hope she comes across successful with her dubbing stint.



  1. Aravind

    Just ignore that comments from that idiot guys…he just likes to have our attention…just treat him as a mental…..

  2. Naidu

    Dei Ungamma Malysia Jimka, soothae mudinu summa ukaru da dei.. Ungama pudae lae ooru avangae sarru yedthu oothae…

  3. sandy

    adi un munjile   en sothangayye vekka,  un  korangu munjile  erume suthe vechi thekka,,., niyalla  oru  mokkai figure ah vida kevalam d  kar thuu, bit padathula  poyi act pannu d  moodevi

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