Taapsee Punnu enjoying a double treat


Taapsee Punnu was in Chennai to promote her debut flick with director Vetri Maaran and actor Dhanush that hit the screens this Pongal and also to have a ball for the Pongal fest.We caught up with her not losing this chance; here is an excerpt from the interview.

Tapsee what would it be if we asked you to choose Pongal or Lohri?

I am a Sikhni and my family celebrates Lohri with great enthusiasm. Since I’m in Chennai on this festive day, I’m planning to celebrate it the Tamil way. This Pongal is special for me because I’ll be watching my film with the audience.

We hear the movie was screened for Rajinikanth at a preview theater.you must have waited for his response?

This is the second time he’s seeing the film. I received him at the theater on Wednesday evening and exchanged few words with him. But I was too nervous to watch the film with him. So, I just excused myself and came out of the theater. After the film got over, he saw me standing in a corner, came up to me, shook my hand and said, ‘Good job’. Oh yes! He made my evening.

How far have things progressed with Telugu movie Vastadu Naa Raju.

It’s almost done.

Did Bollywood great Amitabh Bachchan also approach u with a role  and you refused.?

Oh yes! Actually I was offered Budda with Big B by director Puri Jagannath, but I didn’t want to make a hasty entry into Bollywood. My calendar is full till April and I can’t accommodate any new film now. Don’t worry! I will plan my Bollywood debut soon though.

Wow that’s good news for your fans .Good luck Tapsee for your projects we hope you continue receiving great compliments in the near future.

Thank you.



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