Suseendran talks on Naan Mahaan Alla Success

Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu director  Suseendran  has hit the box office yet again with his second Tamil film Naan Mahaan Alla  starring Karthi and Kajal Agarwal in the lead.

Suseendran spoke to the media after the success of his second film

You had told at your last release press meet your father was a Kabadi player and you made Vennilla Kabadi Kuzhu, a story based on the game. What then was the inspiration behind Naan Mahaan Alla?

My younger brother works for a private bank. My protogonist in Naan Mahaan Alla is based on his lifestyle. The rest of the characters followed later.

The characters in your first film were picked from real life. How about this film?

Some are based on real people and the rest are imaginary. I created them as per the story.

Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu had new faces. How come you chose Karthi, an established star for NMA?

I choose actors according to the story. Karthi has played rural characters in Paruthiveeran and Aayirathil Oruvan. This is the first time that he is playing a typical Chennai boy. As he has not played such a character before, there is freshness.

It took you 12 years to make your first film and one year to make your second. Does it mean we can now expect a movie from you every year?

Money is the main reason why I could not make films. If money is available, I can make as many films I want. From conceptualising to shooting, to post production, it takes about 18 months. On an average, you can make a film in one to one and a half years. I hope to do that hereafter.

How did you decide on Kajal Agarwal as your heroine?

I needed an actress who was new to Tamil cinema and someone who would look good in the romantic scenes. I liked how she performed in an earlier movie so I chose her.

How different was it directing Vishnu, a newcomer in your first film and an established hero in your second film?

Directing an established star is easier. With new stars, you have to tell them everything including the body language. I would say again it all depends on the story line. Your choice of actors depend on that only.

What do you think that made Naan Mahaan Alla a success?

The main reason for the success is the story line. The family bonds shown in the movie are well appreciated. Everybody identified with the story. Fathers will be more protective of their daughters after seeing this film. They will be more careful.

Your next movie?

It is titled Azhagarsamyin Kudhiray. All the actors are new faces. The hero is Appukutty and the heroine is Saranya Mohan. There is also a horse. Gautham Menon is producing it.


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