Surya speaks on Raktha Charitram


We caught Surya live after the audio launch of Ratha charitha 2 Telugu version , here is an excerpt.

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We hear a lot about you form RGV, how was your experience working with him?

RGV is amazing and different in his filmmaking style. He is innovative and clear in what he wants and it shows in the stunning visuals. I’m proud to be associated with the film for which I have dubbed in my own voice.

Recently you dubbed for the Hindi version of Raktha Charithra, prior to which you had mentioned you would prefer someone who understands the language, why did you change your decision?

I had quietly been taking Hindi tuition classes from a person working in the Hindi Prachar Sabha in Chennai. One major factor that made me dub in my own voice was that the story milieu is Andhra and my character’s name in the film is Surya Narayana Reddy. So, it is but natural that he speaks with a south Indian accent. It took me four days of four hours every day to dub for the film and corrections were made by experts to get the accent right.

Why was Raktha Charithram (in Tamil) releasing as a single part, while the Hindu and Telugu release had a two part release?

It was decided by RGV that there will be two parts in Hindi and Telugu. The Tamil version is targeted at Tamil audiences; so, we decided to have only one part as I appear only in part two. RGV has made a concise version of part one of 20 minutes and incorporated it in the Tamil version. Director Gautham Vasudev Menon will be giving the voice over and introducing the characters in the Tamil version.

Tell us about you character, the movie seems to be based on a hero-villain conflict.

I play Suri, a character who has deep rooted hatred for Ravi (Vivek Oberoi), who was responsible for the brutal death of his family members, and is thirsting for revenge. My character does not speak much, but it is his glowing eyes that show all his innermost feelings. There’s violence in his body language. The film is not a typical formula film about hero-villain conflict; it’s something different.

There was news that you were not satisfied with the posters, as you were being compared to Rajinikanth, is it true?

He adds with a smile, I had requested RGV to remove the tag lines in the posters because it is embarrassing for me to be compared to Rajini sir and Aamir sir. They have now removed the tag line.

We hear Bollywood is calling will you be doing more of Bollywood films in future?

I do not want to be a part of a multi-starrer. If I do a Hindi film again, it will be a straight subject that excites me. As of now, I’m very happy doing Tamil films, which is almost on par with Bollywood after Endhiran got a global reach.

“Happy to know Surya is happy with his Tamil projects .We think Surya totally justifies his choice here; he definitely knows his weakness and is using it to full advantage for the dubbing of the movie in Hindi. Great going!”



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