Surya : I found it hard to shift between both – Maattrraan Interview



Maattrraan Surya’s upcoming mega release was recently sold to Eros International. Making it to the halls on 12th October 2012, the KV Anand biggie was shot in a  host of foreign locations including Latvia. The music by Harris Jayaraj had five lyricists. If you are still wondering why this movie was bought for a record price (17 crores), next to Rajinikanth’s Endhiran (23 crores), read on to know what’s happening behind the scenes.

Hi Surya! We would love to hear your Maattrraan experience, now that you have got over with it.

It is like coming home again, I feel blessed to have worked with a team who has strived to excel everyday they have been on shoot. It is amazing how each one of us compliments our collective efforts. We have come across so many challenges but facing the challenges with enthusiasm has kept a lot of negativity at bay. KV Anand’s idea was to bring about social awareness through this movie and I have tried my best to be his messenger.

Sounds good, the energy levels on the sets do matter. As you mentioned working with KV Anand Sir is a real pleasure, how would you introduce us to the Telugu version, please keep in mind your Telugu fans.

Haha, oh come on the Telugu version of Maattraan is ‘Brothers’. Although I will dub for the movie I’m still not fluent enough to converse in Telugu so spare me this time.


Ok only on one condition and that is if you promise to sing us a Telugu song from the yet to release album on our next meeting. Is that a deal?

That’s a deal.

Did you agree to do the movie because it was a KV Anand creation?

More than that it is how the script affected me on the very first listen. You know it has taken him 4 years and writer Suba really surprised me. The research was based on the subject of conjoined twins Ying and Chang.


Oh yes we have read about them. This is a new page in you acting career.Congratulations on performing the twin role, the shootings must have been exhausting isn’t it?

It was an eyeopening experience for me, playing conjoined twins was a difficult task to say the least .The toughest part was to play a completely irresponsible character amongst the twins. I found it hard to shift between both the personalities but as I said the credit goes to K V Anand and our crew who were monumental in supplying me with splendid ideas and remarks whenever needed.

Your collaboration in Ayan was a success and expectations are high this time too. Speaking to you we feel KV Anand has made sure to fire on all cylinders once again. We wish the Maattrraan cast and crew all the success. Thank you once again for your presence.



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