Sunder C Directed Film after 5 long years

Nagaram Marupakkam
Nagaram Marupakkam

After a hiatus of 5 years Sunder C is here to entertain us with his direction new Nagaram Maarupakkam. The  Super hits  under his direction  belts are  Arunachalam, Ullathai Allitha, and the classic Anbe Sivam starring Kamal Haasan. And in total he has directed around 28 film and most have made heavy impact at the box office.  Comedy has been the signature of his films. Also known for movies that a family good watch on an evening together. His new directorial venture is  Nagaram Maarupakkam .It seems to be another commercial venture for him with the heroine playing a glamorous role, quite different to what he was known for.

The director met the press this week here is the excerpt.

What was the reason behind a 5 year long break?

It was not a planned move from my side. I had this problem of what they call the “writers block” and hence decided to take a break from direction.

Nagaram must be important to you, what has been the inspiration?

I was watching a lot of movies during my free time and suddenly this story caught my attention. Unlike the routine pattern of storytelling, the end point of another story is the beginning of Nagaram.

Please elaborate on your role in the film?

I play Selvam an ordinary guy, with limited dreams. Anuya is my love interest and Vadivelu takes care of the comedy department and he plays Style Pandi.

Could you tell us more about your crew?

The camera of Chelladurai an assistant of KV Anand is eye catching. I will say that it is Vairamuthu’s lyrics, Thaman’s music, Vadivelu’s comedy and above all the screenplay which are the major highlights. There is an item number by Maria an Iranian pop singer. There is one travel song which starts from Alleppy in Kerala to Vagamon, Chalakudy, Theni, Tanjavur and many other places.

What do you have to say about the kissing scene, it seems to be in news these days? What was Anuya’s reaction when you told her about it?

There is a kissing scene in the movie. It was actually an on-the-spot decision to shoot that scene as we realized that it would add value to the screenplay. When we told Anuya about this scene, she had no qualms doing the scene as she realized its importance to the story. It took five takes and when you are both the director and the hero of a film, there are chances that people may misunderstand your intentions if you ask for a retake of such scenes. However, Anuya was a complete professional and she asked me for a retake till we got it correct.

You also handled the movies production? Did you find it difficult switching between dual roles acting and directing?

After, I finished the script and decided to do the lead role; I thought that if we produce it, I will have more creative freedom.

I know my limitations as an actor and my strengths as a director he concluded with a smile

“Sunder seems to embark on another commercial flick, hope he pushes away the so called ‘writes block’ and moves on in life”



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