SS Kumaran on his Friday release Thaneer Viduthi

SS Kumaran

Music director SS Kumaran’s, first film as a director, gears up to hit screens in a short while from now. In the flick Aadith plays a pandalkaran (a person who rents out shamianas for functions), while Rashmi is the daughter of a registrar, who hates alcoholics. We caught up with the director for a telephonic interview. Here is an excerpt.


Hello is it Mr. Kumaran speaking?

Yes it is, good morning.


Good morning sir, let us start this talk by knowing how your interest developed to being a director?

It has been a long time that I have been in the industry; I have taken keen interest in every department of the film making process. It was natural that I made a movie sooner or later.


Sounds good, so do you think being involved as a composer for movies has brought you closer to directing ?Has the experience in the film industry given you more confidence in some way?

You could say that, I have composed many hits and flops at the same time. Slowly, I realized I loved to analyze the elements of cinema and decided it would be great if I could make a movie independently.

So why did you choose a peculiar title like Thaneer Viduthi?

Well for that you will have to watch the movie. Thaneer Viduthi (Tea Shop) features Aadith and Reshmi in pivotal roles. The hero meets the heroine in a tea shop that is where they realize that they are fond of each other.


Now we get it, we are surely heading for the movie tonight. Before we conclude sir is there anything you would like to tell your fans at Kollytalk?

It is a fresh family entertainer, don’t miss it. Thanks.


Thank you for your time sir.

It is my pleasure as always.


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