Sonakshi on the age difference and Kamal Haasan

Sonakshi Sinha
Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha’s co-star / megastar Kamal Haasan is 33 years senior to her. She signed up for playing Kamal Haasan’s wife and you know it is worrying to many that Shruti Haasan is almost Sonakshi’s age although we thought discussing that would be quite inappropriate with Sonakshi who seemed very charged up in her responses. This is what she had to say us after we managed to get her for an interview. The following is an excerpt from the talk .


Hi Sonakshi so finally you have signed Kamal Haasan’s movie, is it true you are playing his wife in the movie?

Yes. I’m playing Mr Kamal Haasan’s wife in director Selvaraghavan venture. Don’t know why there is so much fuss in the media about this. I respect Kamal Sir for being a legendary actor. He is much older than me but that is not an issue in this profession not at least for me.

You know we were just confirming the reports, is it on the lines of Hannibal?

Not at all. These are just false rumors it is an original movie. I was blown away when I heard the script. Let me state it clearly Kamal Haasan and Sonakshi Sinha are not doing Anthony Hopkins and Julianne Moore from Hannibal people.

We heard you told the crew of Shirish Kunder’s Joker in Chandigarh to stop treating you like a baby.

Yes I did, I don’t want anyone to treat me like a doll. I made it clear that Akshay, Shirish, Farah, Shreyas Talpade, Sanjay Mishra and the entire team are all just like my friends and I would like to share that equation with them just like any other actor would do. The moment the camera is on and we are set for action no one thinks about age nor the personal status of an actor.

Definitely you have a point there. We agree. So you must be expecting the same treatment with your next venture too?

You know, I even worked with Salman Khan in Dabangg and later with Akshay in Joker. No one treated me with kid’s gloves. I expect the same on the sets hopefully alongside Mr. Kamal Haasan. It is a trivial matter do you think age makes a difference in a marriage these days .The same is the case on screen our biological age is not even a secondary concern.

That’s true.

My well wishers tell me I am different from my female colleagues, I am going to soak in that feeling for a while. Thank You.

Thank you for you time Sonakshi.

This girl is surely a modern thinker and full of energy better watch out when you talk to her you are bound to get infected with her energy, best of luck for you collaboration with Ulganayagan pretty Sonakshi.




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