Singer turned Music Director Karthiks interview on Aravaan

Singer turned Music Director Karthiks interview on Aravaan

Karthik is surely excited to be a part of a period film by Vasantha Balan. The man has left many crazy with his singing and now he will unleash his composition skills with Aravaan featuring Aadhi, Pasupathi, Dhansikaa and Archana Kavi in pivota roles. We surprised the singer turned composer inviting him for a brief chat on his latest venture, he was more than happy too share his experience on the same.

Hi Karthik, we just overheard you humming the title track of Aravaan, isn’t it?

Haha, no not yet it is a secret.

So, tell us something about your latest project.

Aravaan has seven songs. Most of the songs have been penned by Na Muthukumar and Viveka.


Alright, tell us did you think you will turn a composer soon, sometime back in an interview you mentioned how tough composing music was, and look here you are composing for Aravaan?

It surely is a different ball game. Frankly speaking I love to take up challenges and the theme by itself was a challenge for me that has driven me to a new experience. Moreover all credits go to Vasantha Balan sir, he has been so understanding and has given me the space and time to experiment.

Wow, you are really lucky to have great support in such a director, it goes to show how much he trusts your work, thumbs up for that.

 Yeah, thumbs up.

So were there any strict procedures?

 As I mentioned I got my own space but the songs were written first the tunes were set accordingly.

 Anything special that you have tried to bring across through your songs?

Well most of the research during composing was aimed at bringing out the flavor of the period film, I was insistent in adding a lot of folk elements.

Sounds good so how long did it take to finish?

 As you know, it is difficult to be create a song on a timely basis, I took 15 to 20 days to compose the first song – Orae Orae, check it out.

 Definitely, on more thing that has come across amidst the circle of appreciation is, you used 95 per cent live orchestra. Would you comment on the same?

Well I have used instruments like Fujara and some pipes from Pakistan. Moreover I had to collaborate with musicians from other parts of the world which made it essential to have a live setup. Pete Lockett, a percussionist from the UK was also a part of the same. I have taken care that I gave preference to our traditional instruments like the sitar, sarangi, veena and nadhaswaram and there has been a minimal use of western instruments like bass guitar and keyboard.

 That sounds tasty!

 Haha, I really like the way you said that.

 Thank you, so Karthik everyone knows you are a fan of AR Rahman and Ilaiyaraja? Will there be shades of their music too?

My compositions will be a tribute to my gurus. I’m a Chennai boy and have grown up listening to their tunes all the time. I don’t want to imitate anyone.

 Thank you Karthik for a great time, we are sure you will have a great starting as a composer, our best wishes will always be with you. May the light of Indian music spread.



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