Simbu:I will be the reigning superstar


We caught up with Simbu after he tricked out Bharath from the audio launch of the movie. Here is an excerpt from the rapid fire round of questions we had.

The craziest fan you ever met?

Well hard to say but, there was this girl who came forward and offered she would spend for whatever while I was shopping abroad!

What is your favorite time pass activity?

It surely is dancing to my heart’s tunes. I love it.

If you were given a last chance where would you like to holiday?

Why doubt? London!

Is there anything so precious to you that you would think you would exchange it for something you already have?

Not really. I never seek greener pastures because my grass is always green. Did you get it?

Yes sort of, we replied.

The sweetest gift you ever received that has been on the top of your list.

It has to be the music player by my dad.

This one is a little personal than the rest, so what did you do with the first pay?

I splurged on clothes for every family member. Everyone was surprised.

Given a chance which cartoon character would you choose to be?

I’d like to be Mickey Mouse.

Any freaky invention you would like to be a part of?

I would like to create a technique where I could disappear and re-appear

Your ideal girl?

She would be a homely girl whom my family approves!

Most embarrassing attire you had to wear?

An armless T-Shirt.

Your favorite midnight dialogue?

I love You, Sweet Heart!

The role close to your heart that you would like to reenact?

Act again as that little boy I played in my debut film!

Who is on your speed dial currently?

Somebody, too personal whose name I can’t reveal the name.

Ahem !Ahem!

Where do we see you 25 years hence?

I will be the reigning superstar.

You definitely will be one. Thanks for your time.

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  2. Vasin

    Only his folly could possibly count against him; like trying to show off he is good with girls. But remember everyone can change. If he settles happily with a nice girl he could do it. He has powerful expressions.

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