Simbu says, “Love Anthem not a follow up to Kolaveri” – Interview


Simbu is very revealed that he is getting married soon. Staying in the United States for more than a month regarding his music album ‘Love Anthem’, Simbu is now in Chennai to resume shooting for three of his forthcoming films. We caught up with him for an interview here is an excerpt from the same.

Hello Simbu you know what the hottest news in town is? Yes your smile says it all; your twitter page it reads “I have said yes to my parents!!! Getting married next year. I have been saying no for the past 4 years, now I guess I can’t push it any more.” So here we are, won’t you tell us whose the lucky girl is?

That’s true! That’s true. Thank you for the compliment but I’m yet to find the lucky girl. Certainly she has to be very, very pretty because one thing is for sure I want cute kids.

Are you in a relationship? And  when do you plan to get married?

No. It’s been six years since I was in a relationship. I was in love in 2009 but it was one-sided. I will definitely get married by 2013.

Oh, so let’s forget the past, tell us what you think life would be post marriage.

Marriage does scare me a bit. Although I have no regrets today I’ve had enough fun and traveled all over the world and done everything I wanted to. I want to settle down and have kids.

How romantic, you love to drive your fan girls crazy Simbu isn’t it? Moving on to your professional commitments, could you tell us a bit about your latest music album?

I was in the US completing work on my album, Love Anthem. We have great reviews, I plan to make a full album with 6-9 songs and in this regard have also spoken to a few international artists as well, let’s see.


You are so full of surprises. There have been rumors that Love Anthem took shape after Why This Kolaveri Di became a rage, what do you have to say about such comments?

I don’t think my album is a follow-up to the song. I wanted to record a song that would be aired internationally with a purpose to unite the entire world and so the Love Anthem happened. The media has its own view. I’m happy that I’ve been true to myself all these years. I will remain the same way.


Sounds good, your fans want to know about your upcoming releases. Could you elaborate a bit on the same?

Well for all the fans out there, I have Podaa Podi, Vettai Mannan and Vada Chennai . There are four songs to be shot for Podaa Podi which is a rom-com. Our crew will head to Macau this April to shoot the same. Speaking of Vettai Mannan, the second half of the movie is yet to be shot in Brazil. It is a gangster flick. Then there is Vada Chennai directed by Vetrimaran. I am happy to be a part of his creative efforts.


Thank you Simbu for a lovely time, we now leave you to attend all the calls that you have been holding. Our best wishes and we hope you find your pretty bride soon.


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