Simbu makes Evandee Unna Pethaan song in Hindi


Did you hear Evandee Unna Pethaan in Vaanam? You know it is written and sung by Silambarasan himself. The song that released a few weeks back is topping the charts and has made producer Ganesh proud as he is counting down the days for the album launch in a big way on March 15 in Chennai. Vaanam which is marketed by Cloud Nine expects a worldwide release on April 9. Here is an excerpt from the interview with STR himself.

Hi Simbu we hear you are going to do a Hindi version of your hit song in Vaanam?

Oh yes! The label responsible for marketing the album has asked me to do a music video in Hindi and I have agreed to it. The shooting is in progress for the past 3 days in Film City, Mumbai for the Tamil and Hindi versions of the song.

Wow, so is it really a different setup for the Bollywood song who is directing your moves for the song in Bollywood?

The Hindi version of the song is meant for Bollywood music channels and has been giving the required treatment thanks to choreographer Ahmed Khan the director of the video who is helping me out. The shoots happened in a pub setting there were 60 dancers from Mumbai in addition to 30 dancers flown in from London.

Dancing away in style, must be so much fun isn’t it?

I really love it .You know what, initially when we were shooting for this one everyone thought it was all about bringing out the pub culture, but I was surprised and elated when Ahmed Khan was impressed with my dancing.

You sure are a rock star Simbu your dance is no less. We are still wondering why a Bollywood song for a Kollywood movie, could you tell us?

Actually the whole idea was to promote Vaanam pan-India; I know the film is not being dubbed in Hindi. If you have a look at the Madhavan’s Tanu Weds Manu promo song it has really appealed to the masses. We think it is a nice implementation of out-of-the-box thinking and hopefully the audience will reciprocate in glee. Thank You.

Thank You for a wonderful time, our best wishes for the audio launch and the video. Keep rocking.


Seems the movie promotion is seeing a new change with first KV Anand experimenting with photos and now Vaanam trying an alternative through a Hindi song. Only time will tell how successful Simbu will be.



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