Siddarth says Telugu cinema made him a star


Siddarth’s next in line is 180 which will see a directorial debut of reputed ad filmmaker Jayendra. This year also marks a decade of cinema for Siddharth with the Telugu film Oh My Friend, an untitled film by Anish Kuruvilla, two Hindi projects, Deepa Mehta’s English film Winds of Change (an adaptation of Midnight’s Children) and another Tamil-Telugu bilingual.

We caught up with the multi lingual star if we may call him so for an interview here is what he had to say,

With no dearth of offers for you, is it really easy to get organized?

You know, I am going to tell you an interesting fact.

Really? Go ahead.

I need to shoot every single day for the upcoming year to finish my commitments.

Wow but that is great.

Certainly, at the same time it’s is also an irony that I am receiving more offers now than when I gave super hits like Bommarillu and Nuvvostanante Nenodantana.

Given a chance, nevertheless I would love to work in Malayalam and Bengali films.

Oh yes that is there but finally 180 is here, give us a did you get in touch with the director?

180 is surely a sophisticated love story and have more challenges for me.

I’ve known Jayendra since childhood .I was given the opportunity to dub for an ad film as an eight-year-old and I got interested in movies watching Jayendra at work. As I was done with MBA, he helped me get in touch with Mani Ratnam. I assisted Mani Ratnam for Kannathil Muthamittal (Amruta) as you know.

Oh it is a comfortable collaboration indeed.Industry insiders tell us you handled your role superbly is there more that you would like to share?

Well, I have a very emotional role that needs to be handled with maturity. I doubt if such a film would have been possible five years ago. The significance of the number 180 will be evident only after you watch the film.

That we will for sure, how can we miss it . The movie being your first bilingual effort how was the experience?

It is definitely a challenge to do the same scenes, with the same intensity, in two languages. It’s commendable that Priya Anand and Nitya Menon have themselves dubbed both in Telugu and Tamil.

Coming to the technical side of the movie, we hear it is been shot with digital cameras right?

Oh yes, the visuals are at par with international standards. Balasubramaniam, who has worked for films like Shivaputrudu (Pithamagan), has done an amazing job.

The Music by Sharreth has also caught listeners by surprise, many of your fans talk about the Portuguese song.

Oh yes, we shot some portions in Brazil and the director felt it would be inappropriate to have a Telugu song .So a Portuguese singer was called in.

Wow, talk about music having no boundaries.


Returning to Tamil after a gap of 7 years, how does it feel?

It was not my intention to stay away from Tamil cinema the offers that came my way after Boys and Ayudha Ezhuthu (Yuva) were not that good. I owe my stardom to Telugu cinema. In these seven years, I have come to be known as a Telugu actor.

Welcome back to Kollywood..

Thank You.


Seems like Kollywood needs to get it’s due credit yet.

Initially it was Kajal Agarwal and now Siddarth too joins by owing his stardom to Telugu cinema.




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