Shweta enters Kollywood


Shweta won a National Award for her performance in Makdee when she was just 11, no she has chose to make her Kollywood debut with Ra Ra.

Hi Shweta could you give us a brief about your role in Ra Ra?

Oh yes! I am a Brahmin girl who plays a visual communication student in the movie. The movie revolves around the families that are based in Royapettah and Royapuram. It is a humorous treat for sure.

Oh really, since you are doing a movie in Tamil which is new to you do you find it a bit tough?

Not really, the dynamics of human emotions remain the same and it isn’t a factor. An actress who can time her actions well onscreen is bound to be effective. As long as one is alert, one can manage fine.

We agree! You already sound like a veteran. So how come a Tamil movie ?Is there any change in the preferences you developed?

I have always wanted to do a Tamil film. So, when the producers of this film, who were looking for a heroine, got in touch with me after seeing my stills, I agreed to be a part of it.

So why did you keep refusing Tamil movies for a while now?

These are just rumors I never said that I had 2 projects simultaneously with Ajith and one with Dhanush .I had my schedules filled up with Telugu movies.I would have really loved to do both of them.

So doing movie projects must be affecting your on going studies?

Well, I manage to keep them both going on a parallel. I’m doing my first year in Journalism and Mass Communication and my parents are really strict about studies.

Thank you for a great time.

Our best wishes for your movie for this promising star who is all set to enter Kollywood.



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