Shruti says Siddarth is just a friend

Sidharth and Shruti
Sidharth and Shruti

Anaganaga O Dheerudu or AOD as an excited Shruti loves to call is doing its promotional rounds. She plays Priya, a gypsy fortune teller. An expected release for Sankranti the petite beauty is so far more than happy for the trailers of the movie

So Shruti we heard you are having a great time these days, the trailers were great glimpse into the fantasy world your movie has been established on.

After my performance in the movie I was waiting for the trailer to be out. I saw it with everyone and I am overwhelmed. The script was an immediately favorite. You know, I love graphic novels and with the movie’s cast line up and the fact that I was being directed by Prakash who has the lineage of his father K Raghavendar Rao ,Siddharth and Laxmi Manchu , I was certain that there as something big in the planning.

Yes it surely seems promising to us, could you elaborate a little on your character?

I play a versatile character in this flick. Every character is important in its own sense. There is nothing like big or small. I feel so happy to contribute to cinema for a movie that is on its path to make the country proud.

Wow what a lovely feeling that must be, there must have been a lot of research you went through before doing such an fantasy venture isn’t it? Take for example the role of the fortune teller.

Following such a methodical approach is not my cup of tea. My dad and Siddarth are methodical in their approach and very careful during their research. Apparently, I didn’t do much, in fact, any research on fortune tellers. With a good character, script, director and co-star, is the best you can ask for before you start for a performance that the character demands. I am more of a spontaneous actor. You know wearing those outfits and being in those sets bring my subconscious to the fore.

The visual are much more than astounding, splendid, superb…. we can go on but before we shower you with more appreciations, do you think movies with such great budgets are at the same time a matter of big risk too for filmmakers?

Many movies are made, and money is carelessly spent on them but as you watch them you don’t know where the money went? What I think is that any business is viable for those who want to genuinely push the boundaries and in show business it is the same way. It is a visual splendor and family entertainer. If I was asked where I would put my money, I would do that on movies like this.

Time for a personal question before we conclude, Siddharth is just a friend?

I take it with a pinch of salt. Siddarth is a very dear friend of mine people keep speculating on our relationship. I won’t like to waste my time on clarifying on it though. I am so happy with the progress of the movie.

Visual effects, fantasy characters, wizards and witch craft.

I totally believe as you know in cinema and music that are a powerful medium in their ways. As I watch Japanese or French movies, I don’t understand the lines yet understand the story. Movies are like music and in the same way they don’t need a regional language to understand. This movie is so visually stimulating and exciting. Besides, for those who need a little help with dialogues there will be subtitles. No more barriers.

Oh yes! That will be great. Thanks Shruti for a great time. It was nice talking to you. We will be the first ones to get tickets for your movie.

Oh wow! Thanks keep spreading the word.

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  1. aravind

    Childrens brought up by proper parents even dont have ethics….Sruthi is brought up by kamal who doesnt know abt commitment and he is totally a moron who lways thinks he is right…….So what to expect frm his daughter????She had been too much freedom…..though i like her style and voice……..its Kamal has to be blamed if something goes wrong for Sruthi….feelign pity for her……she would be surely successful in her profession but regarding her personal life its a big question mark….time only has the answer

  2. முனியாண்டி

    ஆமா. நானும் சித்தார்த்தும் வெறும் நண்பர்கள் தான். ஆனால் என்னுடைய புண்டையும் சித்தார்த்தின் சுன்னியும் கணவன்,மனைவியாக தான் பழகி வருகின்றனர்………………..

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