Shruti Haasans tips on party wear

Shruti Hassan
Shruti Hassan

Shruti Haasan is known more for her acting and singing but this time we thought of getting some tips from the girl after we spotted her in an elegant dress. We threw her some questions to which she had the perfect answers.

So Shruti tell us a how do you make a conscious decision everyday to wear something new?

My style quotient is not something that I can easily define. It usually varies for me and I must say that my sense of style is mostly determined by my mood. Sometimes it is a casual style that reflects my level of comfort, and sometimes I tend to go all out and edgy. My style varies from day to day — totally reflecting my mood for the moment. On certain days I love floral prints and feminine skirts and on some days I love a simple pair of jeans with a tank or a T-shirt.
What about the choice of colour? We have often noticed your tendency towards dark shades.

Usually I stick to a basic black colour palette. It goes with anything without giving me wardrobe stress. I love anything in the family of greys and browns; I think I’m drawn to earthy tones in general. I don’t usually wear very bright colours, but I love to add colour with elements like bright shoes or a bag on an otherwise neutral outfit. When I’m in the mood to wear colour, I love purple or pinks.

You must be having a perfect list of things you don’t forget to carry along since you travel a lot.

My must-have accessories are a rocking pair of shoes and earrings. I have quite a shoe fetish and I go insane buying shoes wherever I go, especially abroad. I’m also a huge fan of sunglasses and I feel that good pair of shades goes a long way in sprucing up your look.

What are your favorites for party wear?

Party wear for me is usually a dress and of course a nice pair of heels. I’m not a label or brand conscious person. If I like something, if something catches my fancy I’ll wear it. The brand or the label doesn’t matter. I think the clothes that you wear should never overtake your persona, instead they should complement it. I love mixing up different pieces, especially on occasions like parties. There’s never a tried and tested formula.

So any tips for the Shruti Haasan fans before you leave?

My fashion experiments vary now-a-days. They are usually about mixing different elements and breaking the rules a little — like mixing edgier elements with very feminine pieces to come up with a look that’s completely fresh and new. Maybe something like teaming a leather bomber jacket with a summer dress and Wayfarers.

Well surrounded by experimentation the girl leaves for her next rehearsal we were not sure if it was acting, singing or writing that was next on her hit list, but were sure she was going to do it in style.

Thanks to her lucky jeans oops! …genes.

Experimentation and the Haasan family have been inevitable.





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