Shruti Haasan

Shruti Haasan talks on shifting to Bollywood – Interview

Shruti Haasan

We recently caught up with cutie pie Shruti Hassan in Mumbai.  The ‘3’ girl has been receiving praises from all corners, for her act opposite Dhanush. Read on know more on what she has to say about her recent projects, link-ups and more. Here is what she had to say.


Hey Shruti how have you been?


I am really enjoying the weather it’s just awesome.


No wonder you were humming a tune, which one was it?

Just some tune that has been making me crazy, I always forget the name of this track.


Nevertheless you certainly won us over with your voice in Kannazhaga from 3.

Thank you so much that is so sweet of you to mention.

How was it collaborating with Dhanush in 3?


It was an unforgettable experience; it’s been a very special character for me to play. The role was a very intense experience.

Intense is the word that is on everyone’s lip. Do the rumors about your link up with Dhanush and break up with Siddharth hurt you?

Well actually, I know that my fans would never do it, I know all this will pass soon, there was nothing between me and Siddharth or Dhanush as the gossip monikers claims; we are professional actors and we are doing our work.

Nice to hear that, bet you a lot of your fans will be relieved hearing this.They say you are a heartbreaker.



We hear you are shifting to Bollywood soon, is it true?

Dad is in Chennai and mom’s here, so depending on work, I’ve been juggling. It’s not like one will take the backseat for the other. I can balance the two easily. Well I have been busy house-hunting in the city, with mum who is based here.


Seems like your stocks have risen in Bollywood since your success down South? So what do you think fans can expect in the near future?

Basically I just want to do roles that I can be proud of when I look back someday. I try to give the same whether it is Kollywood or Bollywood.  I have my fingers crossed; hopefully things will click. Hope something exciting comes my way soon. Thank you.


Our best wishes for your upcoming movies Shruti. Keep up that million dollar smile.  


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