Shruti Haasan says movie with Mahesh Babu is a rumor


Luck may not be the right title for her past movie but Shruti Haasan was born to be lucky. She is sailing smoothly be it Bollywood, Kollywood or Tollywood, despite her failures , here is an excerpt from an exclusive interview with the doe eyed beauty.


So Shruti could you update us on your projects this year  ?

Oh yes! As of now I am really lucky to have 3 projects in my hand and by God’s grace I may complete my hat trick with the release of 7aam Arivu that has been in delay mode for a while now and is planned for a June release probably. It will be a third movie this year after AOD (Telugu) and DTBHJ (Hindi movie).

Wow! wonderful.So, after your Tollywood debut, we hear you have been approached for a movie opposite Junior NTR. What is your character in the movie?

My character is one appropriate for a commercial flick and very parallel to what I did in AOD (Telugu) which was a fantasy adventure to the core. That’s all can reveal as of now. It will be a masala flick.

Do you sometimes think to yourself that commercial movies may stereotype you as an actress with glam quotient?

Not really, to be frank I never have that approach when it comes to my performance in the movie. I recently was watching a movie where this superstar has done a cameo of sorts in the movie but my dad was sitting by me and told me it is not about what you play it is how you say it as an actor and know what you can do with the role. I really think that is the best way to approach a movie.

So any Bollywood offerings this year for you?

The offers have been coming for a while but they are not as exciting as I mentioned I should be able to contribute something in a meaningful dialogue and that is my only attention for now.

Some websites report of a collaboration with Mahesh Babu is it true Shruti?

No there is nothing in the making like that, it is all just rumor and I have not signed a movie with him yet.

There is one thing that we always think whenever we talk about your movie projects, what is happening with your first love we meant music, these days?

I still enjoy my time writing and singing songs. Definitely it has taken a back seat.

Last one of the day only out of curiosity while browsing through your profile on the internet it reads you are in a relationship; your fans have gone crazy looking at that is it true?

Haha. It is a fake profile dear. Even if I chose to be in a relationship, I won’t be happy floating it around on the internet I like keeping such matters as private as possible. Thank  you.

Very rightly said Shruti! Well we are waiting for 7am Arivu to be public now, you have kept us all waiting for long now.


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