Shruti Haasan: I am an actor representing Indian cinema

Shruti Haasan
Shruti Haasan

Everyone was in awe for Shruti’s physique and expressive eyes in her latest Telugu flick Anaganaga O Dheerudu .Recently she spoke to us, here is what the swan like beauty told us during an interview.

Shruti have you shifted to Mumbai recently because of your Bollywood assignments? We hear you have rented a home there.

No there is nothing as such, Mumbai is not my permanent place, it is just that I am getting more offers these days in Bollywood. I have rented a small house to stay here. Chennai will always be my only permanent address.

So what do you think about your next project?

I cannot say anything as of now; I always do my roles to my best and hope it does well. The success of a movie cannot be predicted just because the actors have done well. It depends on a lot of other factors too.My last Hindi film Luck did not do well, but people have accepted me there. My father has always stayed by the fact that even if a film does well or not I should always give my best.

How do you feel being a South Indian actress in Bollywood?

Some people in South have a perception that it is very tough for any South Indian to do well in Bollywood. You know I have stayed in America for my music degree in the past for 2 years. Even in the world map the India looks small I fail to understand always why people separate on basis of being Tamil, Hindi and Telugu.Personally I disapprove of such things. I think I am an actor representing Indian cinema.

Yes! We agree. Everyone has loved your chemistry with Siddharth in the movie too. So your fans want to know about your plans for Valentines Day?

Anaganaga O Dheerudu was a great experience I was happy with the outcome and performances. There is gossip if the chemistry is good and there is also gossip when the chemistry is not good. So I don’t take these things seriously. Have a great day.

You too Shruti, we hope you keep your focus always on your movies and continue to be a great actress pan India. Best of Luck



  1. Vasin

    Yes; too much talking before succeeding in anything. I think she must do a weight-y role to be attractive. She is not good enough to win hearts through glamour; she doesn’t have it; there is something wrong; either her physical proportions like legs are too thin or posture and movement. 

  2. Ticks

    Chumma joke pannatheenga…. Apparam naan sirichuduven… Enthana peru ippadi kilambirukkeenga.. Po ma po… veetala ethavathu vela iruntha poi paaru…

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