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Shazahn Padamsee
Shazahn Padamsee

Shazahn Padamsee is slowly gaining experience as she has successfully completed 4 films, she debuted with Bollywood flick Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year and soon on being noticed she had to fly to Chennai for her Tamil flick Kanimozhi and which was to be followed up by the Telugu flick Orange.

We caught up with the gorgeous for a chat.Here is what she had to say

So how was it working for a film like Kanimozhi?

In Kanimozhi, my role was very different, I had few dialogues. The film was more about the guy although my dancing got me good reviews.

You are also doing Madhur Bhandarkar’s next film Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji it is rooted to be his first male-centric film?

First and foremost thanks to my stint down South to have played a major role in helping me prepare for my part in my Hindi venture. It was the best training ground I could ask for, you know I even fell off a harness from the height of 20 feet then I even shot in a palace where I had to dance amidst hundreds of people.

I came back with feeling confident from those experiences on my return from South.

Yes, the focus is on the men, but it’s not an action film. It’s an out-and-out romantic comedy and that’s where the girls have a role to play. It’s just not about playing glamorous three hot chicks in the film. I play a girl who is young, beautiful, very bubbly and chirpy.

Oh you definitely have the qualities of a hot chick for the movie along with Shruti (Haasan).


Enough of pulling legs .So could you tell your fans your New Year resolution?

I knew that was coming. Well I can think of is to work harder and be more secure. I’m going to keep improving myself in whatever way I can to fell the same. That surely sums it up doesn’t it?

Oh yes! And looking at your past movies we are sure you are learning this craft slowly and steadily and will surely reach greater feats for the upcoming year. Best of luck for 2011 we are sure you will impress and widen your fan base.


We concluded, and as we left we were left with a good feeling, the girl is surely great company. So folks join in and send her good luck for her Bollywood release on January 28th.



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