Selvaraghvan talks about personal life and Ayirathil oruvan

Unperturbed by the negative talk on his ‘Aayirathil Oruvan’ director Selvaraghavan defends his work with sincerity. He strongly feels he has done the right thing and people have accepted the new kind of film. He also finds no fault with today’s audience and says they will support anything different and new. According to Selva it is the film industry which is apprehensive about people’s judgments and makes mistakes.

Selva also talks about his personal life for the first time. He comes candid on his relationship with Sonia Agarwal then and now. Selva says the story is bigger than Dhanush and there are reasons for it.

The video has 5 clips,



  1. ismail

    sir u did a great job,,,our peoples dont know to appriciate the effort,when the participants take .They only observe the result……u dont mind them sir u countiue ur diffrent thoughtssss……

  2. Ameer

    special respect for you Sir, where is the padmashri salutation when the right person is awaiting for it. This just the beginning, people are appreciating his efforts, but the media is the coward goats trying to spoil his reputation and confidence!

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