Sasikumars pub experience for Eesan

Sasi Kumar
Sasi Kumar

We had an interview with the director Sasikumar .Prior to the release of his current project  Easan.Posters for the movie suggest a lot about the night life in the city.Read on as we tried to find out what happened behind the screens.

Here is an excerpt.

We heard your movies are inspired by the night life and night birds?

“Yes, the movie is set in the city, but the movie has a lot to offer apart from the city’s night life and I cannot talk more on this right now.”

Referring to the girl chase we saw in the trailer,have you drawn from real life incidents happening in the city?

“Such incidents keep happening. Even now, they continue to happen. In fact, I shot that sequence on the ECR stretch and even while shooting the sequence, such an incident happened! .The artiste was riding her bike on the ECR stretch and we were following her on our vehicle with the camera. I found that men passing by in speeding cars were trying to harass her by chasing her. I felt so angry.”

Thats sad, so,what message do you have for the viewers after this incident?

“No, I don’t believe in thrusting messages down the throats of the audience. Nobody has the patience to listen to messages these days. Just watch the movie; I’ve tried to scare you a little in this film.”

Oh scare us, are you suggesting it’s a horror flick now?

“In Subramaniapuram, there was violence. But its purpose was to instill fear in the minds of the audience that if they didn’t mind their actions, they could end up the same way as the protagonists of the story. Similarly, the fear you get after watching this film will be a by-product of the anger that you experience. This fear, I’m hoping, will make people think and in the process help them be better individuals. There are two ways to feed a child. One, you point to a pleasant moon and promise to get it for the child if he ate. The other method is to scare him by saying that you will give him away to a kidnapper, if he doesn’t eat. Your purpose both ways is to make the child eat. I’ve adopted the second method in my film.”

Your making a movie keeping in mind the pubs in the city which is interesting ,are you a regular to pubs?

“To shoot a particular sequence, I had to know more about pub culture as I’ve never been to a pub before. So, I decided to check out a happening pub along with Samudrakani and cameraman Kathir. We decided to pose as regulars and observe the proceedings. However, we were in for our first disappointment as we were not let in because only couples were allowed in that pub.We made our way to another pub and found the place almost empty. So, we decided to wait for the action to begin. At 11 pm, we were told that the pub was about to be shut. Just as I was wondering about partying happening all night, one of the pub’s staff walked up to us and asked us if we were first-timers. I was astonished as to how he had figured that out. It was then that he said that why no partying had happened that night. Parties, he said, happened only on Fridays and Saturdays, not on Sundays!”

Better late than never we thought.

Thanks for your time.We wish you success with this venture.

Thank you.


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