Santhanam playing a girl in Singam Puli

Singam Puli Santhanam

We spoke to director Sai Ramani for a moment and this is what he had to tell us us about Santhanam’s role in the movie Singam Puli.

Sir how has it been working alongside Santhanam in Singam Puli, not be a dull moment?

“Santhanamis playing Bujji Babu but he has a major issue as all the girls whom he falls in love with end up falling for his friends.

So, eventually he will dress up like a woman and propose on behalf of ‘Bujji Babu’ to the lady. It is surely one of the hilarious scenes of the film,”

Is it true?We don’t believe this! it will be funny to see him as a girl now on screen.

We shot the scene using a hidden camera at a bus stop in the city. Santhanam, who wore a half-sari, had to wait at the bus stop with the actress who plays his love interest.During the shoots that were carried out in secrecy with the help of a hidden camera. Santhanam is waiting at the bus stop, he or she as you would refer to,donning a half saree.

A couple of guys even passed some lewd  comments on the poor guy and believe me they were so smitten by him that Santhanam took off his wig to reveal his identity.They were in splits.

We are surely looking forward to Santhanam in a new Avatar

Seems like Santhanam too is not far behind when it comes to experimentation



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