Sameera asks Veera how can you romance me

Sameera Reddy
Sameera Reddy

Veera and Sameera ! Hey that in itself is a complimenting rhyme nonetheless, well both of them also really get along like a killer rhyme in real life too. The duo play lead roles in Gautham Vasudev Menon’s upcoming Nadunisi Naaygal.

Recently we interviewed them as they shared their professional and personal experience in the movie and mind you they were like a house on fire pulling each other down at every given chance. Here is a take from the talk.
Wow, this is really great being amongst two intelligent movie stars.

Sameera instantly fires back,

Two? I thought there is only one here and that’s me .haha.

Oh really you think so Sameera?

Jokes apart, everyone knows about the effort Veera puts in for his movie, he really has a hard working attitude . From back in the the day when we were working on Vaaranam Aayiram (VA) during which Veera was an assistant director we had a friendly equation and it has only got stronger over time. I feel very comfortable working with him .Well except for a little mention of the incident on the first day.

Now that is what we exactly want to know, Veera why don’t you reveal the big secret.Sameera seems a bit hesitant?

It is no, secret. Actually when Gautham sir decided to do Nadunisi Naaygal, Sameera received a call from him soon. If you know Sameera well, she would guess she has this immense faith for him, and quite expected of her she did not ask for any of the details and gave her dates straightaway.There is more than what she expected later and she had no clue that I was also featured in the movie playing a pivotal character in the film. So, she arrives on the first day and hears the story, her next question to Gautham Sir is, ‘Who’s the psycho?’ to which he replies, ‘Veera will be doing it.’

Sameera: You know to be honest; initially I thought it was a big joke. Veer’s mention surely surprised me and he has definitely come a long way. He has never taken anything for granted and has really toiled hard to prove himself. Initially everybody doubted him but now the tide is on the other side and they too appreciate him.

Wow, Veera you surely have an intelligent admirer by your side. Anything you have for her.

Oh definitely! You know some days back I saw a Bengali film in which Sameera donned a performance-oriented role with style.Often in our industry Tamil actress are confined with the syntax of glam roles. In Nadunisi Naayagal she has carried out a script equivalent in weight to the roles actors get here.It is no joke, and she has carried it out well.

That sounds exciting Sameera you surely seem to enjoy your share of spotlight in Kollywood.

Yes, actually Gautham Sir made me put my face in muck where I had to lie flat and put my face in the dirt with Rottweilers’ snarling at me. Oh boy! It was scary on one hand, you had the muck and on the other, growling rottweilers, with their saliva dripping and their trainers were relentlessly prodding them on to be even more ferocious.


That is exactly what I am talking about, you know I wouldn’t have ever done that.


Tamil audiences sure love their commercial flicks, but they also appreciate realistic cinema and Gautham is surely leaving no stone unturned.

Veera: You know I was thinking it’s only fair that this conversation concludes with a question,When is Gautham sir going to make a love story with Sameera and me in the lead?

Sameera :Yeah, right! But how can you romance me, Veera?

Veera: Why, Sameera? I could sing to you with a guitar. I could be romantic…

Sameera with a wide grin all across her face,

Yeah, just in a similar fashion as you did with me in the movie during the scene where you dragged me by my hair and later tried to drown me in a tub of water?Now, that’s a romantic idea and I’m going to try that out this Valentine’s Day.

Who’s the lucky guy Sameera?

No chance ya!! I need to find a boyfriend first.

Well, you two won’t stop picking on each other would you? We had a nice company, and hope back you go a long way in Kollywood in the days to come.

Thanks a lot for a fun time.



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