Samantha is all game for 2011

Samantha Prabhu
Samantha Prabhu

We recently got a glimpse of the gorgeous Samantha Prabhu. Here is an excerpt from our talk with her.

Come 2011 and Samantha its surely going to be a busy year for you, there are so many endorsement deals flying your way .What do you have to say about that?

I am really glad being busy the coming year. Well, thanks to Gautham Menon for giving me a dream start in Telugu films. Right now, I can say that I’ve got four films.

There’s Dookudu with Mahesh Babu, Gautham Menon’s Erra Gulabilu, Rajamouli’s Eega and a V V Vinayak film but I wouldn’t want to talk about films that are not finalized as of now. You could say I am a bit superstitious.

Coming to endorsements, it’s awesome to be flooded with offers. Maybe people think that I bring them good luck! or whatever the reason I consider it an honor whenever someone invites me for inaugurations. It’s always been a pleasure.

Any art house films your way that we don’t know, how about some action flicks in the future?
I would love to do any genre as long as I don’t get stereotyped. Given my physical attributes maybe I would not be able to do  action sequences but I’d love to try new roles. I love whatever comes my way for now.

Everyone’s talking about your killer looks; do you think it was easy to find more fans with glamor on your side?

I don’t think I am so beautiful. I guess it’s all about the roles I do and the sincerity with which I do my work. That’s what makes people accept me.

We surely agree only hard work can take you to places, so what about your New Year resolutions?

To work hard, do the most that I can and work in some nice movies. I am a disciplined person. I almost behave like a grandma and if I had to add any more resolutions I would become more grandmotherly for sure!I hope everything comes out well this coming year.

Haha! We would love to see you stick on to your resolutions and wish you great success for the upcoming year dear.

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