Sai Ramani on Jeeva and Divya Spandana

Jeeva - Diva Spandana in Singam Puli

Director Sai Ramani has assisted directors like K S Ravikumar and S P Jhananathan previously. Now as he is debuting donning the directors hat Jeeva will be playing a pivotal role in the movie. Singam Puli is a crucial for him as director.We spoke to the director  recently here is an excerpt from the interview with him.

Sir we hear you are getting offers from Tollywood too given the fact that the release will only happen this week, it surely is a positive sign?

I really am amazed at such a response for my very first movie, it feels great to be in demand.

It surely does feel good being recognized sir. So in your movie Jeeva plays a dual role?

Oh yes he will be the highlight of my movie. He has given a superb performance as expected.

Jeeva seems to be your best bet considered your debut as a director, how did this take shape?

Yes, he surely is a good choice when I think about the movie. Initially I approached him and he was a bit hesitant and doubted doing a double role.Later he told me he wasn’t ready for it at this point of time in his career and that I should hunt for bigger stars. That was really humble of him, but I was sure he was destined for a role in my movie and could easily tackle the challenges thrown at him.Eventually I managed ti get him to do this role.

He plays a stylish lawyer and a parallel role of a dirty fisherman. As mentioned before we aim at exploring the characters body language as a matter of fact their style of speaking also differ.In a way both have their own way of going about things and one of them doesn’t hesitate to take risks for his personal happiness, while the other is a strong believer of better to die rather cause anguish to others for personal benefits. In a way it is contrasting.

We are excited for this one and will surely watch out for the release this week, just before we conclude Sir; we would love to know your say about the lesser talked about roles of Divya Spandana and Soundharya in the movie?

Well both ladies have done their part to their best Divya falls for the fisherman, and will portray a mature role in the move. Check out her sizzling kuthu performance. As for Soundharya she plays the lawyer’s girlfriend and is equally responsible for pushing the story forward.Thanks.

Thank you for the insights sir, we are surely looking forward to your movie, our best wishes for its release.



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    Divya looks strong and sexy. Yeah she is very strong. You can feel her flesh density by just looking at her photo!

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