S P Balasubrahmanium makes TN proud with Padma Bhushan


President of India Pratibha Patil has approved 31 Padma Bhushan and 84 Padma Shri awards.

Well Chennai had its own share of joys with the singer S P Balasubrahmanium whose melodious voice has rendered life to countless songs in thousands of movies over the past decades. He spoke to us on this and in a humble tone tells us “I am honored and feel blessed that the government for having chosen me for this prestigious award.”

He also added that the government could have thought of giving the award to the several seniors in the field who went unnoticed.

Well, the awards also brought along its share of surprises with Tabu getting a Padma Shri too for what exactly we could not make out after scratching our heads for long and then there was the Bollywood actress Kajol in the list too who on a yet more closer look at her previous  year’s contributions seems have done anything noteworthy, except for expanding her family size by adding 2 more siblings.

We wonder if these awards are really losing its prestige over the years.

Before ending we would like to share with you what Chinmayi had to say regarding the awards to her fans.

Congratulations SPB sir on your Padma Bhushan. You are most definitely a




  1. RAVIN

    kajol deserves it but not tabu.. and i would appreciate if kollyalk doesnt comment on people’s family size unnecessarily.. it is kajol’s own wish and rights to give birth and she did act in movies after marriage and we shld encourage it but NOT ridicule it.. the commercial status of a movie doesnt really reflect on any actor’s ability and talents..

    to put it bluntly, it doesnt mean the actors did not do a gd job if a movie doesnt run well.. i dun think have to explain any further.. i hope the admin can remove those unwanted comments.. thanks..

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