RGV speaks about the shades of violence in Rattha Charithram

 Surya and RGV
Surya and RGV

Ram Gopal Varma is gradually gathering grip in Kollywood too as he embarks on a journey with his upcoming movie Rattha Charitram.

After his excellent stint in Bollywood with many hit movies under his belt.

We caught up with him for a chat. He looked really excited about his upcoming flick Rattha Charitram set for a release on December 3.

Well there is a very positive vibe for the movie already with the director openly complimenting Surya’s role given a chance.

Here is an excerpt.

You seem to be impressed with Surya’s performance.

“He’s an extremely committed actor. Soft and docile off screen, he’s a volcano on screen! I wonder sometimes who the real guy is.”

The film is an action packed thriller the posters suggest a hint of violence, what do you have to say about that?

Violence is of two kinds. One is seeing blood and gore visually on screen. But my film has another kind, which is mental violence. There’s a desire to kill but the act gets justified and the audience empathizes with the protagonist. It’s all about emotions.”

Priyamani has been bagging great roles recently, was it a conscious selection keeping her track record?

“When I saw ‘Paruthiveeran’ I was completely bowled over by her performance. I felt she was apt for the role of Surya’s wife. However it’s not a love story.”

We heard there is a movie about Veerappan in the making.

“I am not in a hurry however and it will take six months to start.” he quips, patiently waiting for the right time .

One last question before you leave sir.

We heard Amma will be the highest budget film in your 20-year film career and will be made in 2D and 3D formats. Is it true?

“Yes I am working on ‘Amma’, an adventure film that will technically be on the lines of ‘McKenna’s Gold’ and ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’. It will be a trilingual in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

The cast is not yet finalized.”

Thanks for your time Sir we wish you luck on your book.


These days he is busy promoting his book ‘Na Ishtam’. A Telugu book that includes his articles on films, views on cinema and a behind the scenes look at films. Don’t worry non-Telugu readers the English version will be available soon.

RGV is busy for all the right reasons, Bollywood or Kollywood he doesn’t hesitate in appreciating performances and churning stories about intriguing characters.



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