Reema Sen reluctant to admit her relationship

Just Reema
Just Reema

We spoke to Reema recently busy shooting a Bollywood movie; she took out for a cup of tea with us here is an excerpt from the interview.
So Reema you personal life is rocking these days isn’t it?


Well, I agree we really had a cozy party the other day but it was nothing more than that, some have reported of me getting engaged, as far as I am concerned it was just a little game between friends. I am hereby stating the fact that I am not engaged to anyone, I would be the first one to tell the world if I plan to spend my life with someone.


Actually we also got confirmation from Shiv Karan Singh and his close relatives? We really thought you were in it for real?


He is surely a close friend of mine in fact more than just a friend to be honest. We spend a lot of time together but the rest that you heard, well, I won’t comment on it for the moment.


Alright as you say ma’am. So let’s talk about Tamil films now, any Kollywood trip in the near future.


I have lost count of the days I have been away from the industry now; I am surely looking forward to something .As of now there is not much to talk about.


Who would you love to act with, anyone that is on you wish list as of now?

If given a choice it definitely has to be Kamal Haasan. Once I had an opportunity but gradually it faded off for some reason. I hope I get an offer on the same lines again.

Oh won’t you love playing opposite the Ulganayagan? Before we conclude we were wondering why you dropped off the name Sen from your surname?

It is just because my mother told me I would be better off with it for auspicious reasons.

Well, Reema is definitely a smart girl, she won’t give it up easily don’t you think?


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