Rathi Chechi to spice up the box office


For all those who really think Bala`s Avan Ivan featuring Arya and Vishal is not their cup of tea, well we would say the Chennai Box Office has some bolder options for you.

As the posters have grabbed eyeballs for a longtime now Shwetha Menon’s Rathinirvedam is finally here as it releases across 6 Chennai screens.

Moreover the release Annagarigam will also compete for the average Chennaite’s sensual movie of the week contest.

Some decades ago Rathinirvedam released in 1978, starring mallu hottie Jayabharathi as the female lead who set ablaze many hearts. Now, 3 decades hence the movie will see a slightly modified version where Pappu, a teenager who apparently is smitten by Rathi’s ( Swetha Menon ) irresistible charm is the essence in portraying an adolescent’s fascination for a mature woman in the movie.

Pappu is played by the engineer-turned-actor Sreejith who after his graduation in 2008, was working at a firm but his passion for acting could never escaped him .Unfortunately, the lad didn’t know anyone in industry back then and he thought modeling would be a close option.

Here is an excerpt from the interview we had with the lead pair of the movie. Read on.

Hi Swetha.


Hi Sreejith.


So Swetha starting off, your upcoming movie is releasing today. The marketing seems to be spot on, and we are hoping for a positive response from the audience. What according to you has been the focus of the script this time?

Oh Yes before you answer that, we would like to mention that the posters were really hot.

Haha. Thank you for the compliment.

As you know the movie has a shade of the 1978 version but this version is surely a different take on the same theme. Every boy has an adolescent lover in his life. Their mutual emotions are amongst the purest forms of human emotions one can experience. The movie will explore the thin line that separates an adolescent love and lust for a woman.

Interesting, surely looking forward to Rathi Chechi’s magic on screen. That brings to mind, did you watch the previous version of the movie?

No, I thought this character should reflect the mannerisms that were in sync with the environment where we were shooting the film. I thought it would affect the way I portrayed the character.

Oh yes.

So Sreejith moving on to you, who is apparently the naughty boy in the movie, tell us a bit on what you think has been the pre dominant theme, with respect to your role.

Haha, sure but please don’t call me naughty.

Ok, so were your parents against when you decided to go ahead with such a role?

Initially not, but I had to convince them as an actor, I have to experiment with varying roles.

So how was it working with the film’s cast?

It was a great experience and I am glad I got to play such a role under director T K Rajeev Kumar and Swetha Menon. I must mention both of them were so easy while accepting my mistakes and gave me so much confidence to go ahead. I am so much more confident now.

My parents thought the movie will give me a negative image; nonetheless I would like to say it is a great platform for a new comer.

So do you think will be typecast?

No, I don’t think so. My character is that of a boy who has completed his 12th standard .He visit’s a village and is attracted to this older woman. It was a challenging character nevertheless, I loved wearing the costumes of those days.


Thank you for your time, we are sure to catch the movie in the evening with our team at Kollytalk.


Rathinirvedam is being produced under the banner of Revathy Kalamandir. Manoj Pillai is the cinematographer and M Jayachandran will provide music.

Well Pappu and Rathi Chechi surely seduced the Vijayanagara Empire back in the days; we have to see if the charm will live on as we head towards our movie seats.


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