Ramya Nambeeshan is enjoying her times


Ramya Nambeesan is on cloud nine these days. Following a high profile stint in Ilaignan scripted by none other than chief minister M Karunanidhi in his 75th offering. Ramya has now moved on and resting her best for Kullanari Kootam. Not only that folks the girl is also currently busy in Tollywood with Tanish in the lead and don’t forget her upcoming Tamil release Muriyadi.We caught up with the cherubic Ramya here is an excerpt from the interview.


Hi Ramya could you give us a gist of your role in Kullanari Kootam?

Sure, you will see me as a Madurai girl in the film.


Nice, you should have added the word gorgeous to that description it is only justified .So was the hunt for the Madurai girl already a part of your career plan?

Thanks I would take that as a  compliment.Not really I just decided I would do this when director sir told me about the first half of the script you know I laughed my heart out at first but as I came to the end of it I was in tears. It was an experience.


The script seems to have connected with you on a personal level but you will be playing a comic , it is contrary to your stint in Ilaignan, we hope the tears were joyful and not about a sad ending.


Well I won’t clarify that keep guessing. As for the first few days shooting in a comic setting it was surely very hard thanks to director Sribalaji. He was so helpful and reaffirmed his confidence in me.


So, tell us about your co-star Vishnu Ramya, how was it working with him?

It took him 10 days to talk to me. I thought he was really a quiet guy; he turned out to be totally the opposite. We are good friends now and he is a cool-headed co actor.


No romantic scenes in the movie, did that disappoint you?

There is a song that is quite romantic in a way. Mind you don’t think it is about running-around-trees. You will know once you watch it.

Hey we surely don’t imagine you running around trees.Oh we would love to watch that video Ramya.What should we tell the people who want to cast a gorgeous girl like you in their movie?

Good question, I would say I would go for roles with great potential, a great production house and also a director who knows exactly what he wants. Was that too much?

Not at all, keep the spirits high and you are sure to reach greater heights. Thanks for your time Ramya.

Thank you.

Best of luck to Ramya for her upcoming entertainers.



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