Quick chat with Poorna


We had a quick chat with the cutie Poorna who plays Anjali Thillainayagam in Aadu Puli. The Mollywood girl is turning out to be a hot favorite in Kollywood too as she has 6 projects in hand right now. Here is how she replied to our rapid question session.

What is your pet name?

Haha, Chinnaty, I like it when they call me like that.

Height of this beautiful girl?

I am 5.4 ft tall.

When were you born?

Don’t I look 21 years ?

Certainly you do, no doubt! What do you think is your sex appeal?

My eyes.

Boyfriends name?

I love my teddy bear; I share my bed with him

Haha, your fitness secret?

I like to dance it keeps me fit.

Are you lazy?

I love to be lazy, yes I am.

Your best friends in the industry?

Well, Aadhi and Bhavana and of course Arya my school friend.

Wow! What color what do you prefer if we gifted you a swimsuit?

I don’t want one; it is not for my body structure.

You are envious of?

Shobana she is so good at what she does acting dancing you name it and she still performs on stage, I want to be so fit too.

When you get angry you love to say?

Get lost.

The one you would love to peck on the  cheek?

Oh my god, no one, I will reserve it for my husband.

Lucky guy whoever that will be. Thank you gorgeous.

Thank you. It was fun, see you soon.


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