Priyamani talks about her new guy and releases

 Priyamani talks about her new guy

Priya Mani and her list of pending projects are the choice of critics these days. To know more about the situation we had a face to face interaction with the actresss who is currently in Hyderabad, winding up Kshetram. Here is an excerpt from the interview.

Hi Priya it is a lovely day isn’t it? We must add, you have an equally complimenting outfit for the day.

Thank you; it was a gift from a friend.

Wow, nice choice.

Thank you. I will tell him.

You should.

I will definitely.

Tell us about you recent projects, they have taken a long time to finish and to tell you frankly your fans are relentlessly poking us to know what is keeping you busy?

Well I would like to tell them, there’s nothing that I can possibly do when the projects I commit to get unduly delayed. If you talk about Kshetram I will agree that it was supposed to be over a long time back, but it didn’t.

Is it a similar case with the rest of the movies?

  As soon as I signed up, there was an indefinite strike in Tollywood. So I enjoyed a holiday that extended from a weeks to a few months, eventually the film’s shoot got pushed further. I really have a negligible control over such forces. 

That is true, so how much more time will the movie take?

Well, right now I have another week’s work left on Kshetram thereafter I will head to  Bangkok for the song sequence of the Shivanna-starrer Lakshmi.It will be followed by a trip across Karnataka for Kho Kho. I have three to four days work left on Vishnuvardhana. It is impossible for me to sign a new project as I am really tied up with so many projects.

So by what time do you think your movies will complete shooting?

Hopefully by October, I would have completed all my pending commitments and should be free to take up new work.

Sounds good, so Priya according to media reports you are signing fewer movies these days. Do you have anything to say to the critics who think your fame or for that matter any other actor’s fame is directly related to the number of movies they sign?

I have four films in hand at the moment, Kshetram, Vishnuvardhana, Lakshmi and Kho Kho as I told you earlier I cannot sign anymore at the moment.

Do you see yourself in Bollywood too?

No comments, I will always prefer doing quality movies than just jumping in and doing glamorous chick flicks.

Before we part would you like to share a bit about the new man in your life?

The new man in my life is my pet dog Mocha hahah…I’m loving every moment I spend with Mocha.

Thank you Priya for your time we wish you success with all your movies and wish that you give the critics a perfect reply with your performances.




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    Even I have a new man/dog in my life too….his name is cappuccino!ENnamo edhonu edhirrparthu vandha,mokkaiya oru news kudukuranga.Pongada neengalum unga newsum….

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