charulatha priyamani

Priyamani : At times we shot from 8 am to 2 am – Interview

charulatha priyamani

Hi Priya, you look really excited, How has the response been for Charulatha?

I am nervous and super excited at the same time. It is a healthy entertainer and many of my fans have called me appreciationg my acting.

Charulatha is among the new trend setting pack of Maatraan and Iruvan all have twin subjects. Many consider Charulatha heavily inspired from Alone a Thai film ?

No I don’t know how anyone could make that comparison, I think they should watch the movie before making any blind comparisons.Although I saw the Thai film ‘Alone’ sometime back I never thought I would do a movie that had a similar theme.

Oh then it must be a welcome surprise for you! How long were the shoots for the movie and how difficult was it to play lay two roles simultaneously?

Well, the technology that exists has helped me immensely.At times we shot from 8 am to 2 am. The fact that our crew was so supportive of my energy levels needs a big mention since I always got a break when I needed it. As a unit we knew it was so important to not look tired and work at high energy levels.

Your fans wonder why would you choose such a role?

I always strive to stretch my commfort levels to newer avenues, in this movie too I saw a special challenge stepping ino the shows of the sisters who are in contrast with each other.

Do you expect a lot of awards your way?

Awards are just a compliment to good efforts. It is not necessary to receive an award, there are wins and lossess. I just see it as a part of the game.At the end of the day it is for the audience to choose.

Well said. Was it difficult to understand both the characters?

Well I got the most educational experience through a documentary on Discovery channel about conjoined twins. It is hard to understand how they would react to specific situations like love but I trusted my instincts and took a step forward with confidence.

Thank you for your time Priyamani. We are certain that the time spent on research will fructify into a wider fan base for you. Our best wishes to Charu and Latha and thanking for giving us such a performance.


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