Priya Anands off screen role

Priya Anand
Priya Anand

Actress Priya Anand has taken on a new role and this time it is off screen. We caught up with the actress to know about her new association .

Hi Priya

Good morning


So you are part of  Save the Children, which apparently is  an organization that works to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children, in South India.

Yes, I am fond of being amidst kids and even they like me and I’ve always wanted to do something concrete for them in the long run. Since I’ve already done films in both Tamil and Telugu, I thought I’d use this popularity to work for the cause of children.

Smart thinking, so, how did you come to know about the organization?

Every day, I put up a question online, asking my followers what made them smile that day. I would often post pictures of me with a kid and say that’s what made my day. Save the children was apparently tracking my activities online and hence contacted me. I recently visited some of the villages in the state where the organization is also working towards a better life for these children who have been rescued from cruelties of child labor.

That is sad.

Several kids have been taken away from their families and sent to other states to work in households and they don’t get quality education and have to endure the pain of separation from their families. These kids are also subjected to physical, sexual and emotional abuse. They don’t even get to enjoy the essence of childhood. The organization has been vital in reuniting them with their families. They also work with the tsunami-affected victims and are involved in several other such causes.


Do they know you are an actress? How has their response been?

The children don’t care how popular you are, or how old you are. All they want is some good company and I’m more than eager to be with them.

Wow, we totally appreciate your heart for a cause; we hope you go a long way with your project. Thank you Priya for a lovely time.


Thank you.


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