Pranitha about Saguni

PranithaPranitha is making all the right moves in Kollywood, post her Tamil debut Udhayan.The Arulnidhi – Pranitha combo has been well received by audiences critically and the latest we hear is Pranitha will soon be sharing screen space with happening actor Karthi in Saguni.We caught with her for an interview.


Hi Pranitha



You must be very excited to do Saguni opposite Karthi, could you give us updates on the same?

Now that  Karthi’s wedding is over I think the announcement would come from the producer’s side. I really can’t say much about the movie at the moment.


Was it difficult adjusting to working in Tamil cinema?

Not at all. All the credit goes to my producer and the entire unit who treated me with utmost care and made sure I was comfortable.


You are capable of generating terrific pre-release buzz for that steamy scene with Siddharth in Bava, what do you have to say would you do such scenes in Kollywood too?

The scene suited the script and was essentially different than those normal kissing scenes. Moreover the shot has been able to convey the message perfectly. I am happy that it did.


Would you hesitate doing such scenes in future?

You know I am not averse at doing such scenes. If the script has such requirement I won’t hesitate to. It also depends on the director I collaborate with.


Talking about Directors anyone that comes to your mind specifically?

Director Selvaraghavan shot an aesthetically pleasing scene in Kadhal Konden between Sonia Aggarwal and Dhanush. Again I would like to say, the script required it and the scene was so natural. Hats off to Selvaraghavan Sir.


Would say you like to be play glamorous on-screen?

Not really, I am basically comfortable with homely roles, like the one in Udhayan.


We also hear that you will be acting opposite Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay in his upcoming venture with Murugadoss.

I would really love to act with Vijay and I wish the rumor were true but it isn’t.


Oh really? We are sure you will have a chance soon looking at your performances.

Thanks, I wish too. I would like to tell my fans I am working in a Kannada film, Jarasandha with the Kannada actor Vijay. This has been misinterpreted, I guess. Haha


Haha, must be. Anymore projects that you would like to disclose before we conclude?

I have a few Telugu projects that I will announce soon. Thank you for the interview.


Thank you Pranitha, we wish you best of luck.



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