Prakash Raj: My ex-wife helped me out at the right moment

Prakash Raj
Prakash Raj

Well Bryan Adams is set to croon his famous number Cloud 9 to set the mood right but Prakash Raj is in no need of such songs to feel the same. He is overwhelmed by the response he got for his recent release.

Amidst a court case Payanam has made it through everything that stood in its way .moreover it has been successful enough to bank in good returns from theatres.A relaxed Prakash Raj, is currently busy with his film with Ram Gopal Varma film that’s being made in five days, in Hyderabad.

Here is an excerpt from the chat itself,

The movie has been a success Sir congratulations from our team, what do you have to say?

“The release and success of Payanam is a major victory for me. Paayaam has been a success, my ex wife has helped me out just at the right moment. She had signed some documents a few years ago when I took a loan. The financier who has been plotting against me thought that by dragging her into the issue, he could fix me. But, she stood with me and turned the tables on him. Now, we’ve filed a case against the financier for forgery.

Wow! you are lucky to have an ex wife  like that. So, were you surprised when the movie did well at the box office?

I really salute the audiences for making the film a hit. It gives me tremendous joy that a film that I believed has done well at the box office. A film is made with passion and purpose .

Were you also afraid of the fact that the normal syntax of Tamil cinema where the singing and dancing happens could also be an obstacle?

I know songs and heroine are a must in movies as it is part of our filmi culture.More importantly, Payanam worked because the audiences are fed up of cliches and are looking for a change. Hats off to Radha Mohan and the entire team for coming up with content that has been appreciated by the audiences alike.

Were you aiming at one of kollywood’s superstar in your movie in some specific scenes?

No single person has been targeted. Actually the superstar syndrome has been prevailing in Tamil cinema .Although the character Chandrakanth represents the falsehood in our cinema.

Thank you for your time Sir. Our best wishes for your future endeavors.

“I liked the movie immensely and decided to buy the Tamil Nadu theatrical rights though it did not have the routine commercial ingredients. The response from the audience has been fantastic.”

– Linguswamy ( Distributor of Payanam.)


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  1. Vasin

    If Lalith helped him because she had to for some prior agreements then it is fine. Aana if  she helped him for she had some feelings still left for ex husband it is bad; it shows she is not intent to prepare her for her second life.

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