Prabhu Deva Prefers Spending Time In Bollywood On Valentines Day

Prabu Deva
Prabu Deva

Nayanthara is surely looking forward to a superb Valentine’s Day with her man Prabhu Deva.We interviewed Prabhu who has been in news for all the wrong reasons; here is an excerpt from the interview.

Hi, Prabhu .You have been in news for your recent divorce with your former wife. Was it tough going through all this?

You know I have always believed it was all destined to happen. Back in the days when I was in school I did no good with my studies later in life I found my taste for choreography. Soon my acting career launched off and now I am a director. I believe in being strong and taking everything as it comes.

That is so positive. So how are things at your personal side?

There is not much to complain as everything is smooth. I always try and keep everyone happy and prefer to stay away from situations which make others unhappy.

I believe in the motto ‘Take it easy policy’.Haha.

You really have a great sense of humor going for you.There is this question that everyone wants to know about, when are you getting married to Nayan?

I don’t want to repeat this again, I just want to keep controversial talks aside. There is a perfect time for everything till things fall into place I will wait. No comments for the moment.

What are the plans for Valentine’s Day?

I have already started the pre-production for my Hindi film that features Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha, it will be produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and is an all-out commercial action movie with Pritam’s doing the music.I will be busy in Mumbai discussing the climax scenes for my Hindi film with Bhansali and Akshay hopefully.

As you mentioned about your professional commitments, you must be excited about the upcoming release?

Engeyum Kadhal will hopefully do good.All credit to my producer who made it possible for shoots in Paris that went on for 35 days.The cinematographer Nirav Shah and Harris Jayaraj have done a fabulous job.The songs have been done in assistance with a detailed storyboard and have been complimented very well as far as the scenes are concerned.

You are also directing Vishal who will be an action hero in yiour movie next isn’t it?

Yes! Next up is an action movie featuring Vishal and Sameera.Vishal will surely do a great job, he really has the looks for an action hero.Sameera will be at her glamorous best. Vivek will be contributing with his comical twists D Rajasekhar will handle the camera and as you know Vijay Antony will be composing the songs.

Thank you

Thanks for your time Prabhu we hope the days ahead are as great as they can get.


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