Prabhu Deva doesnt think he is the Michael Jackson of India

Prabhu Deva
Prabhu Deva

We told you about recently about Prabhu Deva’s wow moment with a beggar, have a look at it here if you did not read through that.The following is the rest of the interview where he tells us more,

Prabhu Deva dons many hats just dancing and directing are just as easy as a cake to him as his first love choreography. There was news that he will be shifting to Mumbai soon to continue directing movies Kollywood offered him a better deal with Sun Pictures making the move initially. It made him think twice and the love of his people has surely held him back from making the decision to move out of the southern film industry where he is a proud collaborator of five films in Tamil and Telugu. We are glad he is still here aren’t we? The director’s is now set to unleash Engeyum Kadhal. Here is an excerpt from the interview, read on.

Hi Prabhu could you tell us something about Engeyum Kadhal your latest venture?

Briefly speaking it is a love story where an Indian boy raised in a foreign country and a girl who is born abroad fascinated by Indian culture unite in love. As you already know Jayem’ Ravi and Hansika Motwani play pivotal characters in the movie and Suman will play the heroine’s father. My brother, Raju Sundaram will be chipping in with comical bursts.

Wow, we are definitely excited about the lovely pair of Hansika and J Ravi . So what do you have to say about your team Prabhu?

This is the first Tamil flick for Hansika. Thanks to Harris Jayaraj for his seven lovely tunes I am glad to tell you they are doing good with the fans .Nirav Shah has done a great job with the camera and art director Nagu too has done a complimenting job.

Please be a little more specific sir, haha. Any highlights you would love to share with us?

Haha, you know Jayem Ravi lost nearly 10 kgs to suit this role. He is simply irresistible, according to the female fans.

Now there is a fun fact for the readers. So how would you love to promote this movie?

I won’t try to promote the movie on the lines of being a movie with the perfect twist or turn. All I would say is that it is sure to strike the right balance as there is something for the young and the old alike. The awesome visuals shot in France will be a treat to watch.

Since you brought up France we can’t let you go before you tell us what was so magnetic about the place?

If you have been to France, you will see lovers everywhere on the roads, the restaurants and in the malls you name it. The story and its characters demanded of such a location and hence we thought to stick to it. On suggestion producer Agoram, readily agreed. Our shooting schedule spanned for a period of 53 days.

Wow, that is amazing and we agree lovers and France are inseparable. So now that you are channeling into direction is it a bye to choreography?

No way, it is all about my comfort level with the director. It is good to let the upcoming talent take care of choreography in my films. I will surely return soon.

What’s it like being called the Michael Jackson of India?

I don’t believe in such things as far as I see it we can only have one Michael Jackson, one Charlie Chaplin and one Bruce Lee legends in their own right. I don’t let such things go to my head. They love me for what I do I understand that.

True sir, respect you for that. Before we conclude our fans would be eagerly waiting to know about your upcoming plans sir.

No plans in life. I was young and back then I did not think about studies and soon I was there on the big stage a choreographer, then an actor and before I had time to think I was also a director. Life speaks to me I just reply.

We hope lovely questions keep coming to you and your responses remain as sweet as they have been in this interview thank you for your time sir.

My pleasure, thank you.



  1. owl

    He is a pimp of india

    people just prasied him as MJ of India because around the time he came to the industry no other heros (rajini,prabhu,vijaykath,sathyaraj)  dont know dancing at all maybe that have showed up some illusion of dancing.

    look at vijay he dance awsome on screen with cool moves but i have never seen this MJ of india dancing like that. He only know PARA DANCE with saavu molam

  2. Mirchi

    Idiots! Manasatchiyae illatha dogs da neenga. Prabhu Deva is so tallented inovative and he is much much much better than MJ. Unga ellorukum vella tholum north Indian allathu vellakaran brand iruntha thanda thalai melae thookivachu kondaduvinga. Prabhu Deva, is an Indian that too a southIndian. We should feel proud of his talent.

  3. mechane

    i think  first of all he would have been given importantancen for sentiments for********  …rather than being any super star…

  4. french girl

    first engua ouruku varaduku munadi french katukitu vangua stupitss aprom  movies shoot panalam pff
    aprennez à parler le français avant de venir ici bande de naz va.. prabu deva tu fais trop pitié avk ta tete de con ! t’as pas trouvé un autre endroit pour tourner ton film ou koi?? grosse merde prabu deva..!!!!!
    trace ta route casse toi!!!  pffff mdrrrrrrrrrrr

    french girl frm france

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