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Pooja Hegde : We shall meet at a theater soon – Interview

 Pooja mugamoodi


These days it is easy to get a role as a heroine especially if you have beauty pageant model. Pooja Hegde is one lucky girl to be featured in a Mysskin movie opposite Kollywood hero Jiiva. What more would a debutant ask for? We caught up with her and the following is an excerpt from our interview.


Some of your friends tell us that at school Pooja was not the person she is now. Back then she was shy and kept to herself, is it true?

Well yes most of it is true. When I was in school I did not have many friends, I think as time passed by I realised one has to take a risk and create opportunities for themselves. Well I was lucky I had my mom always besides me asking me to always find what I loved the most in my life. Even after I was part of the famous Miss Indian pageant I was loaded with movie offers. One day mom just called me up and told me there is something special about you and it is right to go with what you heart says.

So you got an offer for Mugamoodi by then. After two long years Pooja decides to step in as a heroine for a movie, a new chapter in your life isn’t it?

Yes, it is a new decision I have taken. I hope I keep up to it in every possible way I can.

We are sure you will. Pooja what was it about this movie that made you say ‘Yes I think this movie will suit my style’.

I never made an attempt to seek out or wait for a role that suited me. After all I have never ever given acting a chance. It was never in my scheme of things at all. God proposes man disposes and yes I had disposed many movies and then there is this movie which for some reason I never felt like saying no.

Well and then you met Jiiva on the sets? How have your co stars been treating you?

He is such a cheerful person and often makes it a point to talk to anyone in between the scene breaks, I was always nervous but with Jiiva around, it eased off a lot of my stress. Then I had Narain for company ‘the serious sam of our team’. Thanks to Mysskin Sir who helped me execute all those right moves he keeps telling me.

Haha, how did you manage to act in a language that you do not know?


Oh it was a task in itself since I don’t have many tamil speaking friends around but yes I was comfortable after a while since Tulu has words that relate to Tamil quite easily. I just need to learn how to pronounce them correctly since Tulu is a bit easier for me.


On August 31st we see the release of your movie anything you want to tell your fans before we wind up?

I would just ask all of you to give this movie a watch, of course it is such a great moment for me as this is my debut. I hope you will support me, we shall meet in Chennai at a theater soon.


Haha, thank you Pooja for your wondeful chat. Our best wishes for Mugamoodi.


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