Pooja Chopra says Kollywood is a practice ground

Pooja Chopra

When Pooja Chopra was merely 20 days old; her mother was forced to leave the house along with her as her father wasn’t happy with a girl child and was keen on marrying someone else. Her father must be regretting now for having neglected such a talent. Pooja Chopra, Femina Miss India World 2009, talks to Kollytalk in an exclusive interview, here is an excerpt.

Hi Pooja, it’s your first interview with us.

Hi, thank you for inviting me.

Oh it’s our pleasure. So Pooja when did you think you wanted to be Miss World. Was it a smooth ride after you lost your father?

During my school days, I’d read a lot about Kiran Bedi regularly in the papers and my aim was to become an IPS officer. As time passed by things started to change .During my college days I participated in a fashion show following which I won numerous competitions, I knew there was something special happening. It was not easy growing up without a father, but my mom has always stood by me. She is my role model. Imagine having the courage to leave home with her newborn daughter about 25 years back and raising her single-handedly. I owe everything to her!


So sweet, your mother must be proud of having a sweet daughter like you. Could you share with us one of the harshest moments you experienced?

There have been many good surprises and bad ones at the same time. The harshest one would be spraining my ankle just one week before the Miss World Final which remains a heart-wrenching moment for me and I feel really sad about it. My friends often tell me I should look at the positives, since I was the first Indian to win the sub-title of ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ at the same event. I haven’t been able to come to terms with it.

That was quite unexpected as we know. So are you happy with the response that you got from Ponnar Shankar?

Ponnar Shankar, written by M Karunanidhi, has been received very well. Yes I am happy with my film debut.


So what has been on your mind lately? Are there any new projects that you are involved with?

I want to do Bollywood projects too but I think it will take a while. You know I am not as lucky as some of the B town actresses who get launched by Salman Khan, nor am I fortunate enough to be Shatrughan Sinha’s daughter! At the same time it’s crucial to choose the right projects. Since I come from a non-filmy background, I don’t want to make career moves in a hurry.

Nice, why did you choose to do a Kollywood movie before going to Bollywood?

Actually the film industry down South is looked upon as the practice ground to hone your skills and prepare for Bollywood.


Oh really, you know we have heard similar views by some actors recently, Kollywood is being seen as a stepping stone to success. Moving on, before we conclude this interview, are there any causes that are close to your heart, that you would like to share with your fans?

I am looking for the education of two girls. One of them is in Class VII, while the other is in Class IX both are class-toppers and make me feel on top of the world! Thank You

Thank you Pooja for a lovely time. We wish you a great career in Kollywood.It was nice talking to you.




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