Planning a movie with Karthi, Leelai director – Interview


The debutant director Andrew Louis has successfully delivered a great urban romantic-comedy with Leelai. Although it features non-Tamil actors, the boys and the crew of the movie were determined to execute the director’s vision flawlessly. We caught up with the director to know more on the same, here is an excerpt from the interview.

So Andrew your movie is releasing finally, after two years, how has the response been?

I was positive that people would like the film. I kept telling myself everything will be fine. From what reviews I received I hear the content seems fresh and is not outdated. Yes indeed I had to wait for a longtime but at the end of the day an overwhelming response is all that matters.

You seem so excited. Your gleeful smile says it all, our heartfelt congratulations. So tell us, were films a passion for you when you were young?

Well I think I owe it to my father’s genes, haha, although he became a businessman he really wanted to be a filmmaker at a point in his life too. In my case after my visual communication course, I had a chance to assist S J Surya for Vali. It was a turning point in life, I learned a lot on the job.

You still cherish those days don’t you, fabulous .We all know it is a struggle to get a producer for your first film, would you like to share with us the experience.

As a first-time film director I knew I would not get a big budget to make my film. I narrated the script to Aascar Ravichandran sir and he liked it. He thought it was too urban for the Tamil audience but he gave me a yes and I was relieved all I had to do next was find the lead pair.


That brings us to the fact that we were wondering why you chose to go for an urban romcom and that too with a cast of non Tamil actors at a time when Madurai-based films rule the box office.

You see everyone has their own story to tell, I was born and brought up in Chennai, and it was easier for me to relate to urban life. I would like to add it is certainly an advantage working with established actors my script demanded otherwise. I chose Shiv Pandit after I came across him in his Airtel commercial. As for Mansi, well she has a captivating smile. I called her for an audition after I saw her in some ads.

How long did it take for you to write the script?

The script took almost a year; well to be precise it took eight months. It was a very slow process and thanks to most of the inputs from my friends that I came up with such a movie. Well they have been really patient with me; I have been making frequent visits to their offices. I think it has translated well in the movie.  Don’t you think?


Certainly, do you have any movies that your fans don’t know about?

I have been writing a lot of scripts and yes I am planning a movie soon with Karthi.

Wow that is news for us, once again thanks for bringing us a wonderful experience, we hope there are many more to follow soon. Best wishes from our team to you sir, thanks for your time.


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