Pia Bajpai on her personal and professional side

Pia BajpaiPia Bajpai opens about her personal and professional side in the industry in an exclusive interview to Kollytalk post her success in KO. Here is an excerpt from the interview.

Good morning Pia. You look great.

Thank you, that is so sweet of you. Good morning

So Piaa has acting in movies been your dream come true since childhood?

Well I really gave it a serious thought only when I turned 18, as I was determined to move out of my hometown Etawah in Uttar Pradesh and make it really big in movies. Initially I moved to Mumbai, surprisingly my first break came by thanks to director Priyadarshan Sir.

Since then, there has been no looking back as we all know. Are you happy now with the response you have received in KO?

Certainly I am very happy. My role as a journalist Saraswathi in KO received a lot of good attention and I think the character really caught the viewer’s attention in the death scene. It was challenging to portray grief with that scene. It was in that moment that the character’s real grit and courage was on display. I have been waiting for a film like Ko for about two years now. Although I have starred in four other Tamil movies, none of them have worked very well. I think it was either because the film wasn’t too great, or maybe it was the role.

You sound very confident. Currently you are focused towards the Malayalam movie Masters. How has the experience been?

I have always wanted to work in Malayalam as I’ve heard it is one experience that every actor in South India should go through.

You did not have problems conversing in Tamil and Malayalam?

I did but I always make it a point to memorize my lines with the exact pronunciation. In that sense, Telugu was the best, as I think it was the easiest for me to pronounce.

Haha, so how has your personal life been after doing such movie?

I am not a party person in my personal life. I stick to some good few friends who have stood by me , and that’s it. My family has always been there for the emotional and moral support. The thing about the industry is, when you meet people at a party or social gathering, they are invariably very nice and sweet but when it comes to professional work rivalries crop up and that niceness is the first to thing that vanishes.

Would you like going back to Bollywood?

I’m not in any hurry for Bollywood right now. I would like to experiment there too.Frankly the industry at present has Tamil and other South Indian films being re-made in Bollywood. South Indian music is a rage there. This is the industry is really booming.

Wow, nice to hear your observation. So any future plans in the line that we are not aware of yet?

The breaks I’ve been given, combined with luck, have allowed me to survive in South India. But for me, this is just the beginning I am determined to work harder and make a name for myself in the South too. It feels good to be appreciated for one’s work and I want it all.


Thank you for a lovely time Piaa, we hope you go a long way in your career. You really have an infectious hunger about your work.


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