Pia Bajpai on her Mollywood debut

PiaaKo surely rocked the box office with some stellar performances and how can one forget the bubbly Piaa for her performance and of course her perfect figure. She is really pumped up for her Malayalam debut titled Masters which is directed by Johnny Antony also featuring Tamil director Sasikumar in an important role. We interviewed her here is an excerpt from the same.

Hi Pia, you look so fresh. This morning is  suddenly so prettier than ever.

Thank you, you look great too.


Thank you Pia, first of all congratulations on your success in Ko, it was a powerful entertainer.

Thank You.


So, let us start by you telling us a bit about your role in your Mollywood debut?

My Mollywood debut is a very realistic film and I play a very interesting character opposite Prithviraj.

Sounds like you really wanted a change in your image on screen isn’t it?

Exactly I wanted to shed that bubbly, girl-next-door image I had in Ko and all of a sudden this role fell on my lap.


Did you ever dream of acting in Malayalam movies?

Well after signing the film, I spoke to my mentor and guru director Priyadarshan he told me If you want to learn the fine nuances of acting, go do a Malayalam film.” That was probably what motivated me more.

Before we conclude, is there anything that you would like to tell your fans?

I am blessed to have fans that really stay connected. I got so many fan mails on social networking sites recently who welcomed me to the God’s own country(Kerala). I am so touched by their love and warmth. I am truly going to enjoy the experience of working in a Malayalam film. Keep in touch, love you all.


Thank you Pia for a lovely time we hope you conquer many hearts in Mollywood too.


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