parvathy omanakuttan

Parvathy Omankuttan on life after Billa 2 – Interview

parvathy omanakuttan

Today we have Miss India pageant winner Parvathy Omankuttan with us. Her big break came in Ajith flick Billa 2 and the Kerelean beauty gets chatty with us on how life has been after the big release. Read on to know what she had to say.


So Parvathy what do the winds of Chennai speak to you about?

Well, it brings along a lot of people who are happy that Kollywood has accepted me as her own daughter. Without their support this won’t be possible.

Parvathy you really surprised everyone when you commented about your screen space in Billa 2, did you expect more?

The question is not about more or less. I gave my best for every shot but when the final cut was made it did not account for everything I shot. It took me time to understand why? Anyways, at the moment, I am happy it turned out to be a success.


So is there something that dissapointed you?

Well I think at the end of the day it is the directors choice. I am not blaming anyone, when my friends and fans called me up and told me they were expecting so much more of me in the movie I thought the same too. I hope things will become better with my upcoming movie.


Which is your upcoming movie?

Well right now I am in talks with directors, I will tell you once the dates are finalized.


Parvathy after you won Miss India, women all over the world see you as someone who stands up firmly and speaks out in what she believes.


Well as far as I know it I am still the same Parvathy but movies are a different game all together. It is not about me anymore it is about a bigger picture. I am just a step in the ladder that we all build together.


You know the industry favors models these days much more than before. Do you think it was that being Miss India, things do come easy?

I totally agree to that but I would also like to mention that acting is not everyone’s cup of tea. I am here because I want to be an actress. Winning the pageant might have helped me grab the headlines in many more newspapers but I won’t look back now and regret. I am looking ahead to more surprises.


Would United Six be also counted as part of the learning experience?

Haha, United Six to me was my birth as an actress. I had nothing to lose and was geared for the experience. After all it is a performance. I had my good times and bad times. When I look back now I feel it was a wise choice for me as it helped me understand the language of movie making.


So now that you have a Tamil movie under your belt and that too with a star actor, where does it lead from here?

I hope so as far as I get new offers I would love being here. As of now I have a few offers from Bollywood. I would always prefer taking the experimental route and work alongside the newer generation of filmmakers.

For example?

Sorry I can’t tell you the names, but I certainly have strong choices and would love to be a part of projects from certain directors I admire.


That’s good. One personal question we have to ask you this. Would you do a role in bikini if required?


Okay! (giggles) Why not? It is funny how people think about bikini scenes. I don’t think it is so vulgar apparently. All I would say is I am here to communicate the script if it requires something like that or even more I am ready.I think it is more important to think about the story than think about such scenes. All of us have enjoyed Titanic but most of us would agree that it was shot so aesthetically that we consider certain scenes a part of the movie, isn’t it?


Exactly that is what we were really looking for, bang on Parvathy. Your response has been convincing as ever. It was a pleasure talking to you. We are sure your phone will be busy for a few days here onwards.

Haha, come on.


With that note we would like to wrap up this interview with Parvathy. Thank you gorgeous for your time and all the best wishes for your new releases and beyond.


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