Parthipan confirms reports on Gautham Menons project


Actor Parthipan has some killer updates lined up as he is in full swing to collaborate with director Gautham Menon.The music for the illustrious project will be composed by none other than Oscar A R Rahman but for a change this time it will be on the small screen indeed!

So we spoke to Parthipan for confirmation on the progress of the mentioned project; following is an excerpt from the interview.

Hi sir could you please update our viewers on your latest venture that happens to be on the small screen nevertheless featuring the biggies from Kollywood namely?

Oh sure, actually I had a discussion with Gautham longtime back to make a television series, it has been a while and Gautham recently over a chat told me the script is set and  is ready .We are really aiming for something different and don’t want to make just any other serial that is for sure. We are looking forward to this one.

That sounds promising. So what is it about?

It will be none less than Hollywood standards technically speaking. The script revolves around a detective. A R Rahman will be scoring the music for the series it will have shades of something like CSI (Crime Scene Investigation).

Wow, so we are headed for a detective story, which has always been an interesting topic.

Yes, it’s true. We have some more meetings to go and soon we will announce it officially.

We also plan to release a teaser trailer around the director union’s 40th anniversary most probably.
Amazing .So, Vitthagan is all set for release sir anything more you would like to add sir?

I will head Poland next month for the shoot of a song. A rare location for Tamil films it is planned for a post election – results. It will be a hit I am certain. In fact, when Editor Anthony saw the cut before the BGM he started whistling in excitement, that was a very encouraging sight.

We hope your upcoming projects turn out to be big hits. Thanks you for your time sir.

Thank you my pleasure.


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    I’ve a script for a thriller and a drama. How can I contact you? I want Photon Kathas to produce it.

    Waiting for your email id.

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