Oviya: I Have No Hard Feelings for having acted in Manmadhan Ambu


Kalavani was the start to her blooming career and Oviya is setting her feet outside Kollywood already with her upcoming release. Here we discuss her stint in Manmadhan Ambu. This is an excerpt from the talk we had,

So Oviya now after Kalavani you are heading towards some projects in Kannada and Telugu too, could you tell us a bit about them?

First and foremost thanks to Sargunam sir who has provided me with such a platform to showcase my talent. I have started working on the Kannada remake already. He still encourages me to keep improving with every new take even if it is a remake there a new chance to excel.

Well Kirathaka is directed by Pradeep Raja and Yash plays the hero. As you know it is a Kalavani remake but on a closer look it does take the Kannada audience in mind and accordingly suit itself. Apart from that there is also a great song and I am gladly a part of too.

That sounds exciting. Is playing in re-makes demanding?

There is not a huge difference compared to the original version here again I wear a pavada-dhavani and have my hair in two plaits. Well, I am surely improving on my Kannada vocabulary.The Telugu version will set rolling in March with a new director and hopefully Nikhil will be playing the lead as far as I know.

Let us come to the question and everyone is waiting to hear from you on this. Do you have any regrets acting in Manmadhan Ambu?

Everyone wants to know about this specifically, I don’t know why this has been made such a big issue. To work with a legend like Kamal Haasan, K S Ravikumar and Madhavan right at the beginning of my career is surely a golden opportunity that I could not let go. I’m also big fan of Kamal and after Ravikumar sir had approached me seeing Kalavani he told me that I had to portray Maddy’s atthai ponnu. When I saw the final version, yes you could say for a while I was initially upset but soon I was assured that it was due to some technical problems that they had to cut some scenes, that is totally fine. Well, in a nutshell I had a great time shooting. I have no hard feelings in my heart against anyone.

So, that was the real story. Glad to know you just keep on going come whatever.So what is happening in Kollywood for you?

I’m working on Rasu Mathuravan’s Mutthukku Muthaaga, where I play a basketball player and honestly speaking it is not the usual hero-heroine subject and deals with the relationship between children and parents. It will surely rank among the best films in recent times. I am looking forward to it.

There is so much to look forward to, thanks for a lovely time Oviya. We wish you luck for your upcoming movies.



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