Nithya Menon not nervous about 180

Nithya Menon
Nithya Menon

Nithya Menon is just not a cinema freak nevertheless she straddles the world of Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada cinema with effortless ease, dubbing in all the four languages herself, which is a rare talent. She even sang in Ala Modalaindi and the Kannada film Aidu Ondla Aidhu. She is passionate about cinema but keeps away from stardom. We caught with the actress for a chit chat in Hyderabad to promote her new film, 180. This is what she had to say.

Good morning Nithya

Good morning, how have you been?

Good, so tell us how did you end up being an actress, was it your childhood dream?

Oh no, it wasn’t although I studied journalism and was idealistic as a student. Gradually as I delved deeper I found that there’s a lot of politics and to put forth your point of view as an investigative journalist could become dangerous at times. Soon I realized a filmmaker has more liberty in bringing out the reality. To be frank, I never thought I’d end up as an actress.

You play a journalist in the film. You wanted to be a journalist in real life. Did you fulfil that wish through the film?

Not at all. The film does not explore journalism. It’s more of a love story. Although I play a photo-journalist and get to hold the camera a lot in the film the character I play is like me. Vidya is bubbly, full of life, nosey, wide-eyed and innocent and her approach to love is not mature.

So where would you see yourself 5 years from now?

Well, I can’t help feel that cinema is not where I want to be. Though, I have different dreams for myself .You know I love to teach children and I will surely love to setup a school someday; I’d also love to work with animals too as I love wildlife photography.

Wow, that’s wonderful so you plan to have a life beyond the glitz of the cinema world but what about journalism?

Hmm… I also love to travel, so maybe I’d take up travel writing.

Not a bad idea ,with 13 films to your credit in the last six years well it is surely surprising for many to ready this.


You can do an out-of-the-box project like Kerala Café (Malayalam), a hard hitting Veppam (this Tamil film starring her and Nani will be dubbed in Telugu as Sega), a breezy Ala Modalaindi, a period drama like Santhosh Sivan’s Urumi (Malayalam) and a romantic bilingual like 180. How has your fans response been?

Awesome! In Andhra Pradesh they treat me like a girl next door after Ala Modalaindi. I feel at home .It’s been a pleasure to get such a range of films. Santosh Sivan believes in making his actors emote spontaneously whereas Director Jayendra has a different approach. In 180, I am an inquisitive journalist, who meets Siddharth,

How did you get to sign 180?

Suresh Balaji approached me after Kerala Cafe. I had heard of the film and that it was handled by good people. I heard the script and immediately liked the character and could connect to her even the look and the clothes she has to wear. It was a pleasure working with Siddharth.

Great! So Nithya so are you nervous about your next release?

Not really at times I don’t even watch my movies. I hate to see myself on screen because I have been obsessed with finding faults.

So do you have the same approach when you are acting too?

Oh yes more or less it is the same I believe there are two kinds of actors — method actors and the spontaneous. I am spontaneous and it has worked for me. You are either a born actor or you aren’t.

Before we conclude we would like your fans to know about any further projects under your belt that we don’t know about?

Apart from the two Malayalam films, a Telugu film, Ishq, co-starring Nitin, is on the cards. Thank You.

Thank You for a lovely time Nithya, we are sure your dreams will come true soon with the Almighty blessings.

Thanks a lot.


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