Nayanthara on Prabhu Deva and her upcoming movie

NayantharaNayanthara has always been amidst controversies and been part of the hottest headlines in Kollywood .The media somehow can’t resist raving about her. Recently she spoke to us about her Telugu movie, Sri Rama Rajyam, in which she plays Sita.We got close to her and asked her some questions about Prabhu Deva and her future , read on to know more.

Hi Nayan you look fabulous. How have you been, it has been a long time isn’t it?

Thanks, certainly a long time indeed.

Coul you tell us  a little more about your role in the upcoming Telugu movie?

Well the movie revolves around Sita’s abduction and her reunion with Rama. The script is based upon their final departure from earth after their karma is over.


Interesting, so how did you get interested in the movie?

Well being a mythological film I was excited to be part of the venture.

We are sure your experience was nothing short of a great ride. Is it true that you gave up eating non-vegetarian food during the shoot for the movie?

Actually it is a normal practice in the film industry for those who shoot for mythological films to maintain a good discipline. Over the years actresses who have opted to do ‘Amman’ films don’t indulge in non-vegetarian food and make it a point to visit temples quite regularly. After all it’s a healthy habit so I stayed away too.

That sounds good. We saw you get really emotional on the last day of your film shoot. What happened?

I was so attached to the unit. Words can’t express my feelings for the amount of love the unit showered on me. I have great respect for Bapu sir. He’s considered a living legend and I was initially not so sure if I could live up to his expectations. As we were nearing the shoots I was glad to know he liked my work. I just couldn’t control my emotions and tears on the last day.

We understand,now is Sri Rama Rajyam going to be your last film?

For the moment I haven’t signed any new movie. I’m going through a different phase in my life and I’m really happy about it. My priorities have changed now and I’m doing things that I’ve always enjoyed to do.

Good to hear that you are really enjoying every moment of your professional life. So now that Prabhu has been granted divorce finally is there a widespread speculation about your marriage.

A public figure will always be under the glare of the media. But, I wish to keep my personal life to myself. If there are any important events in my life I would certainly speak about it to . Thanks.


Well, thank you Nayan for a great time, we are sure your fans will be glad reading this interview. We wish you the best for your upcoming flicks.


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