Nayantara feels blessed


Amidst s much controversy in her private life, kollywoods ruling princess Nayantara has come back in dashing style.

For the statistics the 2010 releases included Boss Engira Baskaran (Tamil) was a blockbuster, Bodyguard in Malayalam was a hit too; Adurs and Simha in Telugu did not disappoint, and then there is Super in Kannada.

Well the standing ovation she received at the Film Festival of India, Goa last month, for her stunning performance in Shyamaprasad’s Electra says it all.

So Nayan this year has been a great ride for you isn’t it? Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam, you have surely set new standards.

“I’m delighted and amazed at how the year has turned out f or me at the box office. You could say that

It feels great to be part of some of the most successful films in the south in films that have won both critical acclaim and commercial success it’s a special and cherished achievement I my career.”

Yes totally! No other southern heroine has given all hits in the four southern languages in a single year!

The whole of South India has is in awe for this moment but we observed the actress has a strictly planned and strategic approach t her choice of movies. Sometime back Arya, her co-star in Boss Engira Baskaran (BEB) in praise said,

“Nayan’s screen presence is unmistakable, as she has a way of stealing the show.”

We know it a tough question but you have to answer this. Which is you favorite character amongst you performances?

“All the characters I did are well-etched. So, I really can’t pick a favorite.”

There is so much talk in the town about your role as Sita in the Telugu mythological Ram Rajya.

“Well I feel blessed to play Sita Mata. It’s an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

We don’t think so, looking at your performances.

She burst in a laugh at the comment and added, these kind of mythological films are no longer being made. Bapu sir is doing only the Lava-Kusa episode of the Ramayan. It is a remake of the classic NTR-Anjali Devi film and Balakrishna sir is doing the role done by his dad, while I’m doing Anjali Devi’s role.

So how far has it progressed?

I have just completed the first schedule of the film with two boys who play the twins,  Lava and Kusa.”

Recently you refused to do the Telugu film Savithri, featuring Venkatesh. Why?

“I was approached for Savithri, and was hooked to the wonderful script of the film, but I have politely refused it due to personal reasons.”

Do you think your personal life has been affecting your professional?

“I’m very happy these days. I’m more composed and content than I have ever been;  definitely I have struck a fine balance between my personal and professional lives.”

She clarified and we concluded the talk.

We wish you a great New Year Nayan and hope to see you shining even more brightly in the next year and a million year to come.



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